Love your leftovers 

Hello Dear Reader,

In Cornwall, the ingredients in a pasty are: diced steak, diced potatoes, onions and swede. Cornish pasties are made in Cornwall……made any where else then they’re just a pasty. 

Now here’s a thing, pasties have been around for centuries and in its day, Cornwall was an impoverished place where you ate what ever there was. Seasonal food, season veggies, seasonal fish and I don’t think they’d have been fussed what went in it if they had hungry children to feed.

So…….I’m sure anything went in a pasty and even now……put what you like in it.

We had cottage pie for supper and I played up four meals with two for tomorrow. I cooked too much cauliflower, broccoli and mixed frozen veg and have half a plan ful left. 

I defrosted some homemade pastry I had in the freezer, chopped some bacon and cooked that along with a diced onion. I popped six small potatoes in the microwave (they were tiny) for a few minutes. I then cut them into mouth sized pieces. I grated some mature cheddar and mixed it all together.

My hint for pasties that don’t fall apart when you bake them. Use beaten egg to glaze and before you bake the pasties in a hot oven, chill them on the baking tray, in the freezer for at least twenty minutes. Then bake for twenty to twenty five minutes. They should easily lift from the baking tray when the pastry is crispy underneath too. 

I’m sure some Cornish pasty lovers would think left overs in a pasty just isn’t on but I like to carry on the tradition  that you use what you have to feed a hungry family. 

Over to you, what’s the most unusual filling you’ve ever had or added to a pasty?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


15 thoughts on “Love your leftovers 

  1. Oh no, now you have started something, pasty is something you can’t buy here or at least not where we live, so now I will have to make some, it would be easy to go out and buy ingredients especially for it but we are trying to save so will follow your lead, thanks loads

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  2. Probably not unusual but I had a curry pasty at the Olympics in London 2012 because they had no ordinary Cornish pasties left. First and definitely last I have to say. It was disgusting.


  3. Mmmm they look yummy. I hardly ever make pasties but had some at my mums the other day that she filled with mince and veg which were delicious so maybe I should do it. I have used leftover sag aloo in the past and it worked really well.


  4. I mix a little curry powder in sometimes with left over veg, or if i have only a little or a glut i cook then i freeze it then just thaw. Butter nut squash and goats cheese and courgette has been my fav so far mixed with a little curry powder! Delicious!!


  5. I think pasty’s and calzones must be pretty similar, but different based on the non Italian food filling? While I’ve made calzone with pizza crust dough, I hadn’t thought of other uses, but leftovers inside-meat, veg, cheese, would be delicious. I stuff everything inside tortillas as well to make quick wraps or burritos. .


    • In the US we never eat pasties, but my grandmother used to make very similiar little ‘moon pies’ from bisquit dough ( not cookie dough) and fill them with a spicy peach pie filling made from thick peach peels. It was like a chutney I suppose. Mincemeat made from apple’s was also a filling. The men would put a few in coat pocket on the way out to the barn, very early for milking.


  6. Your pasties look utterly delicious. Thanks for the tip on cooking them, as mine never look as good as this! I do like to make them with leftovers, curry, stew, whatever’s handy and they always taste great!

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  7. Current favourite is Boursin 3 for £1 from heron , they freeze so buy them when they’re cheap. Any scabby relic veg grated that’s left in the fridge and a bit of finely chopped cooking bacon for the none veggies


  8. Haven’t made pasties for yonks, I usually use leftovers and what have you in pies. Do love a good pasty tho. Maybe it’ll go on the menu plan sometime soon 😋 Most unusual one I made was using a tin of tuna. It was really nice


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