Don’t suffer in debt alone 

Hello Dear Reader,

I gave you my personal email and hope you get in touch. You like so many people have had a challenging change in circumstances and unfortunately, just by getting by, you amassed an amount of debt. Your working hours have been reduced, you’ve cut your expenses to the bone and try as you might there’s nothing spare. 

I want to appeal to you to contact either Step Change or Christians against poverty. Both are debt management charities who won’t charge you a penny. They will help you by contacting who ever you are in debt with and negotiate what you can pay. If you can’t afford anything, then you might have to pay a token amount or nothing. 

Both have websites and can usually offer support, in person, in your area. You can also email me and I’ll help you research your area.

Debt can suck the life out of a family. Don’t let it pull your family under.

Please get in touch x

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx 


4 thoughts on “Don’t suffer in debt alone 

  1. I totally agree debt is the biggest battle to fight, from helping yourself you can help each other, this is when community is found ,you don’t feel like you are the only ones battling the deamon debt monster.People need to be honest and ask for advice, little things can make a big difference, to mend a hole in the children’s trousers, sew on a button on ,how take stock of your pantry and how to budget a week’s food on £25:00 for a family however big.xxxxx


  2. I’m not sure if this applies to this family’s particular situation, but please sign up for any benefits you are entitled to, such as free school lunches for children. Also, please seek out food pantries if your situation warrants it. Good luck to you.


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