You can do a lot with mince!

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been a fabulous bank holiday weekend. The house is clean and ready for the week, we had a relaxing day at home with our feet up on Saturday, spent yesterday with family and today had lunch with a friend. The table and chairs I took look great in the kitchen which has had a coat of paint and we’ll be back later to finish painting as well as adding some ‘touches’ to the room. 

Today, I’m off to pick up another table and chairs from an eBay seller as ours is in France. I’ll show it you tomorrow as it’ll take two trips to bring it all home. It’ll need a scrub up and maybe a coat of paint but they cost the tenth of the price of new. 

I’ve cooked for the week and it’s mainly mince. When my children were small it as just about the only meat we ate. Now, I still stretch one 600g pack of mince. I made cottage pie and half the filling was mixed frozen veg that I mixed with the mince. When I make the ragu sauce for lasagne, I add finely diced carrots and celery so the minced beef is just a third. 

I also cooked brisket in the slow cooker, just with water and plenty of salt and pepper. I use the stock to make gravy. When it’s cooked, I chill it over night before I slice it. I then add the cold sliced brisket and gravy and reheat that in a hot oven in the time it takes to roast the potatoes. I boil the potatoes first, cool them and spray with oil and roast at 200 for twenty to thirty minutes so they are fluffy inside and crispy on the outside. I’ve also cooked enough so we have roast beef twice, cottage pie twice and lasagne three times so I’ve cooked for seven days in advance. 

I’ll freeze the lasagne and cottage pie until needed, I take it out of the freezer before I leave for work and cook it when I get home. 

Two sets of tables and chairs have cost a total of £100 which has made a hole in our budget but we’ve kept other spending to a minimum and we’ve managed to transfer far more than we’ve spent to our savings. By the end of this month we’ll have met our savings target for our wood burner and installation before the summer.

It’s not an exciting menu but it’s all part of the money saving.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


13 thoughts on “You can do a lot with mince!

  1. Your menu sounds more exciting than I am planning for now, but you’ve given me some good ideas, and I am going to try the potatoes the way you describe. I have a 5# bag that is starting to be past it’s prime, but if I get them peeled and boiled, I can freeze some for another day. I assume freezing cooked potatoes would work well.


  2. Froogs you are so organised, I am getting better at it but its ok for a few days then I get distracted, I think I will have to start having daily to do lists, well done on your savings, you will have that wood burner in for the winter, is it for the french house?


  3. I love mince. If I had a choice of one type of meat to eat for the rest of my days, it wouldn’t be chicken, big slabs of meat for roasting or grilling…but mince! It’s easy to cook, you can make some scrummy tasting dishes and its cheap! The only problem is, I love it so much that I can quite easily polish off the portions I am supposed to save for the next day! We had got chicken for dinner, but I read your wonderful blog and am just about to serve up lasagne…nom, nom.


  4. I always blitz carrots onions celery and mushrooms in my food processor to bulk out mince for lasagne etc.

    Love how organised you are.


  5. And I use veg as well as a couple of really big handfuls of red lentils to any dish I am making with mince. Not into the batch cooking mode, though. I always make loads of one thing, but haven’t got as organised as to do lots of lots of different things. I aspire to be as organised as Froogs xx


  6. I agree with you re the mince and its much healthier to pad it out with vegetables as well as frugal. Gosh, you are amazingly well organised doing all that cooking in advance. It looks good!


  7. Love that you have the week’s cooking done already. We are lucky to like leftovers, and don’t usually mind the same thing two nights in a row. So I cook about every two days–depending on how much is left over. When the fridge has bits of things, we heat them up and call it smorgasbord. Otherwise, if it’s enough for another meal, we eat it a second time. We also love minced beef, as it is so versatile, and you can make a little go a long way. Last week I had frozen ravioli with spaghetti sauce, and had one frozen burger, which I chopped up and added to the sauce. It fed two of us easily! When I was a young bride and my husband was in the Air Force, my friends and I collected many, many recipes using minced beef, as it was very cheap at the time. And money was in short supply then.


  8. Any home cooked food is going to taste miles better, and be a lot healthier, than any exotic ready meal one can buy from the supermarket. Your seven days of dinner sound delicious!


  9. Love your planning on your old format you had a recipe file that let you get to all the recipes easily are you going to add one here. I sure miss it


  10. I cook a lot with mince too. Although I use mostly beef mince, I also like to use lamb mince to make lamb rissoles in onion gravy with creamy mash. Something a little different in terms of flavour, but still cheap to make.


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