My little Cornish bakery 

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re off to spend all of tomorrow renovating someone else’s house so I’ve baked to keep the team going. Sausage rolls, a sponge cake and some quiche. Nothing fancy but it’ll keep people fed. 

I make pastry in the food processor by using, 

500g plain flour

1tsp of salt

125g of cold butter in cubes.

125g of cold lard in cubes.

Add the lot to the FP and blitz. I then tip the crumbs into a bowl and add 250ml of cold water. I mix with a knife and not my hands so the pastry stays cold.

When it’s a dough, I chill it for at least an hour until it’s cold. Roll out and use as required.

I buy value sausage and  peel the skin off. I add a spread of chutney and a generous sprinkle of cheese and then place the sausage on top.

St. clementine cake. It’s an oranges and lemon cake.

It’ll seem odd but try it.

Take two clementines and place them in a saucepan and cover with water. Bring to the boil and then simmer until soft.

Drain the water and blend the entire fruits with a hand stick or in the blender. Set aside to cool.

In a bowl, add

14oz of butter, SR flour, sugar and seven egg. Best to a smooth batter and then add the fruit purée.

Place in two lined cake tins and divide the batter evenly.

Bake at 180 for 30-40 minutes. Test with a clean sharp knife, if it comes out clean, then the cake is cooked. Leave to cool for three hours.

In the middle make a lemon zest cream with 6oz of icing sugar, 3oz butter and the zest of one lemon. 

Squeeze the juice of the Leon and add three taspoons of granulated sugar. Heat, in a mug in the microwave and spoon over the top of the sponge so it sinks in. Chill the entire sponge cake.

I also made a couple of quiches. I went to the butchers today and bought two bags of bacon off cuts which are far cheaper than rashers of bacon. 

I used 200g of bacon, cut into small chunks

2 leeks finely chopped

6 mushrooms finely chopped .

150g finely grated mature cheddar.

3 eggs

200 ml double cream

Salt and pepper.

Line a 10cm tin with pastry. I don’t blind bake and normally this is ok as I use a metal tin but I also use a ceramic baking dish so this quiche doesn’t have a crispy bottom.

I sautéed the bacon, leeks and mushrooms. Added them to the pastry.

In a jug, I added the eggs, cream and cheese and poured that over the bacon and veg. 

Bake at 180 for 20-30 minutes.

I didn’t make a gluten free alternative as I’m trying to eat less and nice baked goods are just too tempting.

I hope you like the recipes.

Love Froogs xxxxxx


14 thoughts on “My little Cornish bakery 

  1. You are an amazing cook and wonderful to do this for the renovating team. I have to try these for my two teen sons who seem to never get enough to eat and hard on my budget.


    • The cake looks absolutely lovely and I’m going to have to try it one of these days. However, I need to lose a couple pounds first. Heavier winter meals always add a few and I can’t afford to add when I need to subtract.


  2. I also use the food processor to make pastry and I mix the water in after the fat and flour have been processed by adding it through the top with the motor running. The pastry will start to come together; when it forms one solid ball, it’s done.

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  3. All this looks lovely. When my Mum got her new bungalow in January, I cleaned, painted and wallpapering from morning til the evening. Early in the morning, I would prep a slow cooker meal such as chicken or sausage casserole, make a large flask of tea and pack some sandwiches, biscuits and then set off to work. The gas had not been turned on at that point so I would come home around 6/7pm freezing and hungry. It was lovely to walk into a ready made meal instead of picking up the phone to order a takeaway.
    After eating I would run a bath and then get into my electric blanket warmed bed ready to do it all again the next day.
    I was quite proud that not only did I save my Mum money on painter and decorators by myself doing the work but I saved on running out to the chippy or ordered a pizza by being organised.
    It does pay to plan and prep.

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  4. Froogs, your home made pastry looks wonderful. I hope the weekend’s work went well, and that you have left yourself some energy for your working week. What age group do you teach?

    Sending care and admiration,

    Michelle in Wellington, NZ (another 1965er, only from the other end of the year)


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