Breaking my fast 

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re off work for a long weekend and have a heap to do. We’re helping a relative with some home renovation as more will get done if there’s a few of us. I bought said person a new table and chairs for the bargain price of £25 from an eBay seller. We brought it home and reassembled it and gave it a quick clean. It’s been my only purchase so far this month and I’m keeping my eyes open for a few other items to make somewhere more homely.

I love eBay and I can’t imagine walking into a shop for household items. Our dining table, that also came via eBay is in France so I’m on the hunt for a replacement. I’m in no rush and know one will turn up eventually. 

We’re really looking forward to three days of family time.

Over to you, share your fab eBay bargains.

Until tomorrow, 

Love Froogs xxxx


13 thoughts on “Breaking my fast 

  1. I love Ebay but I don’t use it anymore as I had my Paypal hacked and most sellers will only accept Paypal but I still love to look on there, I mainly use Amazon now, we have an old G-plan table up in the grenier but you guys are too far away from us


  2. That’s a great looking table and chairs, and I’m getting nostalgia twinges as my paternal grandparents had some chairs like these.


  3. Love ebay I bought a table for 20 on a local selling site. Sold it on ebay for 90. It was g plan. Ebay is great for bargains and making money.


  4. it is good to hear of families helping each other. A lot more can be achieved and the generosity we show others will be repaid to us at another time and hopefully when we our selves need a helping hand.


  5. I have bought mirrors, lamps, lights, tables and chairs from ebay at v good prices. All were second hand and still look new. I wish i’ d learnt about this sooner. I would have saved so much more in my life!!!!

    Happy helping your friends.


  6. Not from eBay (although I buy and sell on there all the time), our latest acquisition is a garden bench which was on the pavement outside our neighbour’s house with a good frame but a broken seat. It was free, my favourite price, and has already been repaired. 😀


  7. I’ve been very lucky this week. A friend who knows I make patchwork quilts was clearing out her wardrobes. She gave me a big bag of clothes. Most of them are so good, just perfect for me to wear myself! I will get quite a few wears out of them before I need to cut them up for quilts. So no need for clothes shopping for the next two years at least! thanks to my very thoughtful friend.


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