He’s the king of frugal.

Hello Dear Reader,

My wonderful DB is a money saving marvel. He’s spent over an hour this evening retrieving what’s left from an old lathe and plaster wall. It’s bone dry wood and it’s been the integral part of an internal wall for over a hundred years. It’s going to the tip tomorrow so we’ve helped ourselves. Yes, it was offered to us.

It’s a funny way to spend his free time but that’s what he’s like. The log basket is always full, there’s always kindling, we’re never cold and he saves us a fortune. 

He also rescued cupboard doors and structural uprights too that he’s already sawn into logs and I’m burning some as I type.

The greatest thing we do to save money is stick to our principles together. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx 


9 thoughts on “He’s the king of frugal.

  1. My husband is a money saving marvel too! He’s disabled so he can’t do much in a practical way, but he’s a whiz when it comes to cutting energy costs. We have solar panels for electricity and panels for hot water. (We live in Cornwall too, so the panels work really well.) Alan gets the utmost from our solar energy, adapting our kettle, a storage heater and an electric ring to work purely on U.V. power for a large part of the year.
    I appreciate every penny he saves us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Please be careful with that kindling. It looks like a few nails are still left in it – although, come to think of it, your husband probably removed the nails after the pictures were taken. Love your blog!


  3. We HAVE plaster and lathe walls in our 105 year old home and every time I look at them I think how easily they would burn! We are very careful and have seen about 4 major fires on this road since we have moved here, with houses and buildings destroyed and not all of them rebuilt. It is certainly a concern to me. Ours won’t be coming down anytime soon, as the whole house is that way. In the living room we have absolutely old real plaster because we had it down to the original since we moved in as well. It was a work in progress for many years and there are still a few things I would have liked to do, although I believe we are finished now. (We’re 74 and 73.) We still do most jobs around here but I will say no walls have been painted in the last couple years. Although DH did rebuild a couple of courses of stone wall last summer in our old carriage house/barn. Before that he added a couple ceiling jacks to hold the old building up a bit longer—we actually bought IN BOXES a one car garage (vinyl) and stored it on the floor in there during a very bad winter with lots of snow—by spring there was a hole in the wall and he was very anxious to start putting it right again, and he did. He knew none of these skills before moving in here, but he has learned a lot, I will say!! He isn’t on exactly the same wavelength as I am at all times, but I can tell you the last time he had a “real” haircut was 1969!! So he is sometimes with me.


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