The wrong sized curtains?

Hello a Dear Reader,

First of all, a huge thanks to D for giving me these lovely floral curtains. I never turn down fabric and was hugely grateful for these two short curtains and one door curtains. I’m going to turn them into two long floor length curtains for one of our bedrooms in France.

Tonight, I’ve dismantled one curtain completely and I’ll do another tomorrow. I’m also going to turn them into eyelet curtains and I’ve had some ‘holes’ for some time and I’m looking forward to the project.

I’m sure the pattern matching won’t be perfect, but I’d rather have imperfect curtains than none at all. They will be lined and made by the summer break. 

All of our curtains are second hand, charity shop finds, upcycled, donated or completely made by me. 

So there’s my job for the day, I’ve deconstructed one curtain. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs. 


8 thoughts on “The wrong sized curtains?

  1. Oh how I envy you being able to sew, I can make a pair of curtains but not sure I would be able to line them, I will be interested to see how you make short ones into long with the help of one other as I have lots like that just waiting to be made


  2. May I suggest washing them first just in case the fabric shrinks? I made long curtains a couple of years ago by sewing a patterned fabric onto the bottom of plain curtains which looked fab until they needed a wash……when I put them up, they were different lengths and the joining seam was at different heights. Less of an issue with your same patterned fabric but I’d still recommend a quick wash first, just in case!


  3. I recognise that fabric! Laura Ashley. We used to have this pattern in our kitchen. They wash well and look lovely and bright – a very cheery pattern when it’s a dull day.


  4. I really like your idea of finishing at least one project a day. Its easy to be overwhelmed by bigger projects, but breaking it into smaller bits is really helpful. I need a king sized bedspread, and am making it in 12 parts, quilting and joining on the machine as I go. It works really well breaking up the big job.


  5. That fabric is really lovely and who cares if they are second, third or even forth hand as the will look lovely in your french house, x


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