One step at a time.

Hello Dear Reader,

I don’t normally give advice but I thought I’d share a some this week. 

Here it comes.

Pick one thing that you can do a day. It might seem such a pifflingly small thing. One task?

Here’s some ideas.

Go through your knicker drawer, take everything out, fold and tidy and throw out anything that’s too tatty or you just don’t wear.

Tidy the airing cupboard. Take the towels out, or bedding and fold it and put it back tidily.

Clean the oven.

Wash down the front of all the kitchen units.

Clean all the door handles.

Clean the front/back door.

Tidy a wardrobe cupboard. 

Stocktake the freezer/store cupboard- make a list of what you have.

Clean out your handbag.

Wash the dog beds/blankets.

Bathe a dog.

I’ll let you all take ove this and add to the list.

Here’s another hint to give you a bit of extra time. One day, when you cook supper, cook double, plate it, cover with a dish or cling film and chill. Just reheat the next day. 

Here’s supper for tomorrow and the components for bubble and squeak for another day.

So, what do you think? One job a day? Would it make any difference? Today, I tidied a cupboard in my wardrobe. I’ve got lots of other tasks to complete but I’ve completed one today.

Over to you……. job suggestions and would ‘one thing a day’ make a difference?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


20 thoughts on “One step at a time.

  1. It is a really good idea and one I have been trying to do for a couple of months along with a daily to do list and I now find I can keep the house much tidier instead of trying to clean the whole house in one go

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  2. Yes definitely. I don’t like trying to do all the cleaning on one or two days so I have devised a system of daily, weekly and monthly jobs, the idea being that one of each is done every day, I don’t always get it all done, in fact I never do, but I like to have it printed on a sheet of paper on my fridge as a reminder of what I need to get done, and when I complete a task I scrub it out with a highlighter pen! I also jot down the meal plans on that list & the particular things that need doing on certain days, such as the recycling or ordering the grocery shopping. My difficulty is I’m a bit of a perfectionist & I often don’t get something done because I’m too particular about it. But I’m trying to overcome that by stripping down e.g. the weekly cleaning to the essentials, because it’s better to have an ok house than striving to do it perfectly and then failing!

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  3. I am so trying that strategy-it makes sense and should not be overwhelming, but something always falls down, and I get led astray. I’ll keep trying. I’m about to throw another load in the wash, which will be a good job done, and not pushed until the weekend.


  4. I agree but I call it “just a little bit more.” When I’m doing regular chores, I try to do one extra thing each time, like wipe down one more thing, or toss stuff from one more place, or straighten up one more surface. It doesn’t always work, as there are those days when being out of the house for something just doesn’t leave time or energy for it, but it helps to some extent. Especially because when my husband helps, he sometimes leaves out a step. He’ll gladly wash the bathroom floor, for instance, but never seems to wash underneath and behind the radiator. And he never wipes off window sills when dusting, which is a job he likes to do. He is “blind” to the corners and tends to stick to the middle of things, but I’m glad for his help anyhow. Some weeks you just have no time for corners!


  5. As to the ratty undies and socks with holes, I put mine aside. They are for wearing the day before I travel anywhere, or on any journey long enough to want to change clothes on. They get worn one last time then binned, so no laundry and no trying to find space in a travel bag. Now I just have to avoid being hit by buses!

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    • I have been known to do this too. I often take my tatty shoes for walking in the rain and then leave them behind. It hardly ever rains here.

      Please avoid buses. It sounds awful.


    • This is something I do too. Throwing away all your old and ratty underwear when on holiday means there’s room in your case for any purchases made whilst you are away.


  6. Great idea . I try and get rid of or find places for five items. I cant just throw a lot of stuff out but I can do five. I will add one task a day as well. I love your blog thank you:)

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  7. Either the ‘one job’ or a time limit, say 20 minutes of weeding or housework works equally well for me. It’s just an accomplishment thing isn’t it and something that works to get me off my occasionally lazy a*se.


  8. I do the washing up every day. I clean the house thoroughly at weekends and vacuum a lot. I would love it if my house was spotless but it is hard to maintain. I do like tidying though it helps me to relax.

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  9. Hi Jane, Just an alert here from Alicesav. I tried to look at your page while on my mobile phone and I got a message saying the page was insecure and not to go on it. Yet I have no problem doing the same thing on my Macbook. Just to give you a heads up. Hope you are well. Going home to Plymouth again on 23rd May, will think of you and yours as always. Staying in the travelodge this time in Saltash. Always think I will see you in Waitrose. lol.xx


  10. I wish I could do this! I start with good intentions and then it always goes down hill…. Sometimes I am just so tired when I get home from work so perhaps having a list of small jobs might work best then I can just say to myself to do one thing only?


  11. A fellow blogger calls this her #onething – a chore that you know has needed doing but never gets done when it should. Blown light bulb, squeaky hinge, knock cobwebs down, clean oven door, tidy a cupboard. Ten minute jobs that you can do. Love it!


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