Saving my time

Hello Dear Reader,

I think I’m pretty well organized. I’m a list person. I’ve got job lists, menu plans, financial plans, long term financial plans, Housework rota, garden plans, wood piles, sewing jobs and clothes to cut up and recycle. 

I’ve got jobs I do every day, wipe down and sweep the kitchen, clean the loo,sink and shower, make the bed, sweep out and set the fire. I have weekly jobs from cleaning the car, the windows, vacuuming the entire house and washing all the floors.

My job tonight has been to quickly stock take and get a shopping list ready. 

Nothing of what I do is a chore. I keep on top of everything so nothing takes very long. 

This is where I hand it over to you. What makes your life easier? How do you organize what you have to do? How do you fit in your long working day ? Do you stocktake? Menu plan? Have job lists?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


18 thoughts on “Saving my time

  1. I fail miserably. In fact I would would blow the other end off the gauge. I care for my mother full time and everyday, even the most planned efforts, tend to evolve into something dramatic! At present I am longing for a few days of order.


  2. My sister and I have always been list makers. She says it’s a disease and why we like notebooks and pens. My daughter has inherited this. Nowadays I have a load of electronic lists on my phone which are easy to put in priority order. A day’s to do list is most used and I merge say, like today, the going to hospital list. On a spreadsheet I have meal lists for all `12 months of the year which have evolved over time, as well as printed copies of the freezer inventory and the meal plan pinned up. And then there’s a range of packing lists for various lengths of time. A tad OTT perhaps but, hey, I’ve got this benign condition so stop laughing!

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  3. I too am far off the other end…working full time…spending almost all my free hours with my mom in her facility…she has dementia and can’t walk anymore…I moved in with her nearly 3 years ago and it’s been madness ever since…I’m happy to spend my time with her…just exhausted beyond words…my house is a wreck…would love to have the time to get things straightened…not complaining…hugs to you Suzan..being a full time caregiver is one of the toughest jobs I know

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  4. I am pretty organised because I have to be. I make lists and I use a paper diary as well as an outlook Calender. I work 4 days a week so I use Monday to grocery shop, do all washing ironing, change sheets vacuum mop etc, cook meals to freeze and make all my son’s school lunches to freeze. I vaguely meal plan in my mind and always have cooked and frozen meals in the freezer. I clean every day, both before I leave home for the school run/work and before I get to bed at night. I wash clothes everyday so the washing never piles up but I only iron twice a week. I like the house to look perfect when I leave it because I like to come home to a clean well organised house. Last week I cleaned out lots of cupboards but there are still 2 to go and they are annoying me. Before I go to bed I line up my outfit for the next day, accessories, my make up, my son’s clothes, my bag, his school bag etc because the mornings are a rush. I Take my lunch from home so I prepare that the night before and get the coffee maker set up for the morning. I even get my son’s breakfast set out on the table and covered ready just to add milk. Life was so much easier before he started school, because he was in day care and I didn’t have to worry about school lunches, home work, preparing for show and share, uniforms, endless school holidays, shorter finishes etc. Having a messy disorganised house on top of work stress would send my over the edge. My home costs me a fortune and is my biggest asset (apart from my superannuation) so I like to look after it and care for it. I find how disciplined you are extremely inspiring.


    • 😀 I thought we were the only weirdos that set out the breakfast the night before! I also set the lunchboxes on the table and pack all non-perishables in them the night before. Even if the sandwich doesn’t make its way into the lunch box, they have something to hold them! Leaving it to the last minute results in chaos usually. Sadly the better I plan, the better the working week goes and it doesn’t come naturally, have to work at it. Blogs like this are a wonderful source of common sense ideas.


  5. I’m a long-time fan Froogs, and I also enjoy your disciplined and straightforward approach to life. I use a diary and a “next actions list” to keep up with my tasks. Next actions because it forces me to break tasks down into their next step which then makes them easier to tackle.

    I also do a little bit of cleaning every day, such as put on and hang out a load of washing and quickly wipe over the kitchen and bathrooms every morning. Also the whole family gets stuck into a household pickup every evening which gets it done faster.

    Once a week I do my bigger jobs, such as grocery shopping on one day, a full clean on another day, etc. I also try to set aside a bit of time each week to keep up with a deep cleaning job as I prefer to do this year round rather than just in Spring.

    I agree with your point that by doing a little bit often, it is less like a chore because it can be done quickly. Which reminds me, I also process all incoming paperwork into my system every evening and empty the filing tray. Any time, I let that slide, it quickly gets out of hand! Done every day, it takes about 15 minutes and it stays caught up.


  6. chaos theory rules im afraid , washing yurt encompasses a small village , never know what hours im working from day to day , totally thoughtless adult children, 7 year old chaos maker , disabled other half, elderly mother from hell. If i wrote lists id just sit and cry over them


  7. I would love to be but I ‘struggle’ daily. We have kids, work full time and run a smallholding. Everything and everyone is happy so to me, that’s as organised as I can be. we’re all fed, watered and clothes (not the animals, that would be wrong). We have baby animals around and every day something new happens that wasn’t on the list of expected things to do that day. So although I like to be proactive and organised, the life we chose is as organised as it can be but by default a lot of it is reactive. Actually, ‘struggle’ is negative. It’s not negative, I love our life. But the housework, washing, ironing and other to do’s are low down on the list 🙂 I do menu plan for the most part though.


  8. I’ve yet to get into he full swing of a good cleaning Rita and meal planning. Having just moved to a bigger house it took me all weekend to do normal cleaning. I work full time and have two children so it’s like fire fighting to try and stay on top. My plan this weekend is to come up Utah a cleaning rota and then between your ideas froogs and net mums family meal planner I’m going to write down 20 meals we all like and cook these and stop all this cooking for separate tastes. I’m constantly exhausted!!

    Thanks for sharing Froogs


  9. I love lists. I also have a notebook habit but although I write plenty of lists I need to improve my use of them. Writing them makes me feel organised but then life takes over. I work full time, have two 14 yr olds who are sort of helpful but pushing them is exhausting. Since my husband died in 2014, I struggle to keep up with the running of a household but it keeps me so busy, it helps me cope and we three are happy to be at home together. Your down to earth posts on simple living Froogs give me a great boost.


  10. I used to be very organised indeed. In fact ultra anal about it. Nowadays I am not at all. My husband is a hoarder which drives me bonkers. It’s inpossible to be organised amongst such chaos.


  11. I am organized but it’s a constant job to stay that way, since the Mister and I work full-time. We have a big chart of family chores posted in the kitchen under the title of “Things to do so we don’t live in chaos.” It’s divided by what to do when, as in “Twice a week: Vacuum the whole house” and “Daily: Wipe down the kitchen surfaces and scrub the sinks.” The list covers two full pages of copier paper, but as long as we keep up with that, everything works as it should.

    Once a week, while make a grocery list, I also check the contents of the pantry, cupboards and freezer. On Saturday mornings, I do in-depth tidying (the insides of closets and such), and we do basic tidying every night before going to bed. A quick run-around and pick up of things makes morning a lot easier to face.

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