Lazy Sunday with the family

Hello Dear Reader,

As I’m being extremely financially cautious at the moment, I didn’t stretch the budget to so much as a roast chicken and bought four slices of turkey breast for under £2 in Aldi. I already had a jar of white wine sauce with mushrooms at the back of the cupboard and that as the basis of lunch. We all really enjoy a leisurely Sunday lunch and like that we take time to sit together and have a lazy lunch. I like to make my life easy.

Potatoes are boiled, allowed to cool and then sprayed with a light oil and roasted. 

The batter for Yorkshire puddings is made in advance too. 

The batter can be made the night before, gluten free batter is a challenge every time I make it as it needs to be baked at the highest heat. I use a muffin tray and drop a teaspoon of oil and get the tray smoking hot and then, using a ladle spoon the batter mix in. They rise like puff balls and are different to regular puds but just as lovely.

Swede is cooked in advance, mashed with butter and pepper and then reheated later. 

We rarely eat a dessert but as I had the family there and knowing they love it I made a clementine pudding. To make this I used

2 cementines – boiled for twenty minutes, then puréed with a blending stick – divided in half. Half mixed with the cake mixture and half  as the base of the pudding mixed with some golden syrup.

3 tablespoons of golden syrup

6oz gluten free flour

1 tablespoon gluten free baking powder

3 large eggs

6oz mark or butter.

6oz sugar.

Blend the cake batter together with a wooden spoon and blend in half the clementine mixture too.

In the bottom of the pudding bowl ( I couldn’t find it so used a Pyrex jug) I placed the puréed cementines and syrup.

Pour the batter in on top.

I popped the whole lot in the oven with the roast spuds for about twenty minutes. I served this with custard whilst still warm. 

It’s such an English thing to have a pudding, that has a sticky base and served with custard. 

It’s certainly not as popular as it used to be when people can just buy a dessert but there really is nothing lovelier or cheaper than a homemade sticky pudding with spoonfuls of custard.

Dinner was turkey, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, mashed swede, carrots, peas and cabbage. Affordable as mainly vegetables with about 4oz turkey in a creamy sauce and a filling pudding to follow.

The family are fine, on the mend. We went out for a walk around Looe and over to Hannafore Bach, just gently and slowly as one of us is still weak but benefitted from a sunny day and fresh air.

It’s been a weekend of catching up, slowing down, feet up, lovely food, family time and getting our breath back.

I hope your Sunday was as lovely as mine. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs 


9 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday with the family

  1. You can’t beat the good old Sunday lunch, we normally have it no matter what, it doesn’t feel like a sunday without it and after a long snooze (this part of me isn’t French) none of this walking , but we had curry as it was leftovers from the night before when we had friends round and the curry sauce that was left is in the freezer to add to the next one, froogs you are rubbing off on me x


  2. You’re rubbing off on me to Froogs. We had a lazy morning followed by a trip to a local garden centre to buy plug veg (left it too late to sow some from seed). Then home to jacket potatoes topped with a small bag of what we call cheaty stew I found in the freezer (basically it’s beef mince, onion and a can of veg soup…..tastes much better than it sounds). Glad your son is on the road to recovery x


  3. Lazy long weekend here as today we remember the ANZACs who have given their all for us. I didn’t cook Sunday dinner as we drove down to the Gold Coast so I could visit some special memorial sites. Tonight’s dinner is fish and chips and salad. It is still pretty warm in Queensland and the oven has been on to bake biscuits for Miss 19 to take to rehearsals for Joseph and his Technicolour Coat.


  4. That dessert looks lovely – did you boil the clementines in their skin and blend? or did you peel them first? Hope that’s not a stupid question.


  5. Love this post! All that lovely food and hearing your son is on the mend. It put a smile on my face! On Saturday I went to my sister’s for her birthday. Her husband and his family are celiac and his sister brought the most lovely gluten free chocolate cake. In fact it was the best cake I have ever eaten! There was one piece left, and I swear there were people circling the table. I don’t know who got it, but you can bet, it was gone! Fifteen years ago gluten free was way, way more different than it is now. (Different=terrible!)


  6. Hi really enjoy your posts, especially the recipes. Could you post your recipe for the gluten free yorkshire puds please? my attempts range from flat to atrocious.


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