My little lot

Hello Dear Reader,

One of those days of feeling very sentimental for days gone by. I  am the proud owner of two grown ups, both much much older than they are in any of these photos. My best boy is back in hospital with extremely low oxygen levels even though his pneumonia is on the mend. He’ll mend soon enough. 

My boooooooootiful wee girl is nursing a broken heart and there’s no quick trip to hospital for that one. 

They may have grown, flown and live their own lives but it only seems yesterday I could keep them safe.

Time goes far too quickly doesn’t it?
Love Froogs xxxx


Fifteen and twenty two

Three years old

Four and ten


Eight hour old daughter


Twenty one. 


22 thoughts on “My little lot

  1. Oh I agree, time does fly. My small boy turned 10 last week and it seems only yesterday he was born. My big boy will be 14 next month and I wonder how on earth he can be so grown up already.
    I hope your son is better soon and that your daughter’s heart is soon whole again. As my Mama tells me, it doesn’t matter how old they are, they’re still your babies. Much love Gemma x


  2. My boys are 33 and 28 and I am a proud Nanna, wondering where all the time went!
    It was lovely walking down memory lane with you x


  3. Such beautiful pictures and such beautiful children, even if they are now grown. I hope both are mended quickly in their own ways. We never stop worrying over them whether they are 2 or 22. take care jane xx


  4. The hardest part of being a parent sometimes comes when they are grown ups in their own right. Sometimes we can only stand back and watch while they struggle with problems that we could so easily have fixed with words and cuddles when they were younger ….. and sometimes they will still let us do just that. Mine are 29 and 35, and my eldest grandchild is almost 17.


  5. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. I’m lucky my girls are 8 and 4 but seems to be flying by and I can see how it goes Just like that. I’m learning to take lots of pictures so one day I can reflect like this.

    Froogs, or anyone, What would be the advice you would give your 32 year old self now that you’re older? Thanks


  6. lovely photos. My kid is 5 and it seems he was only born a few months ago. Love being his mummy and makes me feel lucky every day. Children are such a gift.


  7. My children are now 24, 22 and 19. My eldest is a chef and battles autism everyday. Two weeks ago he was hurt at work and required surgery. He tried so very hard to be normal and only failed once. Frankly at the stage I would not have coped either. My 22 year old has 2 degrees and is about to start her masters in Education all while she works in a very tough high school. My 19 has made some huge mistakes but is back on track and slowly working around her education deficits to become a preschool teacher.

    The struggles are still here and not far enough away for me to relax yet. But the time as flown and I am proud that these young adults are doing their very best to be the best they can be. It is wonderful to realise that your offspring are doing well but mine still need a little help. Especially the eldest.

    God bless you are your precious ones. They are a joy but you and your family have worked hard to achieve this.


  8. Guess I’m the oldest in the group tonight–my one and only granddaugter is 24. She has finished university and is two years into “finding her niche.” She’s not found it yet. It’s hard to see them go through the fits and starts of being in their 20’s, but we hope they are learning more every day. Thanks for sharing pictures of yours!


  9. Great pictures! What precious memories. Time does go quickly.
    Hope your boy feels better, and I hope that your girl’s heart heals soon.


  10. Thank you for sharing the photos of your lovely looking children. How proud you must be. I don’t have children, & very rarely do I regret this fact, but every now and then there’s a little twinge. Still, I have 4 lovely grown up nephews & nieces, 3 fine God children, two great- neices, and a niece& 2 nephews on MrFD’s side. I’m proud of them all, as you must be proud of your two.


  11. Lovely pictures Froogs. My two are in their 40’s, but in my head they are still about 8 and 10. My mum said I am to her as well! It’s horrible when you just want to scoop them up and make it all alright and you can’t . Best wishes to you all


    • I’ve always been a hands off mum who’s let them find their own way and learn from themselves and be independent. They’re not flaky adults but neither are they steel. They’ll heal and move on.


  12. Lovely photos – thank you for sharing them. Hope they are both soon back to fighting fit, emotionally and physically. Carole


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