It doesn’t go far these days. 

Hello Dear Reader,

I had a stock check and I didn’t need: toiletries, pet food, cleaning products so I could get away with a basic shop under £30 which will last well over a week. Fish portions in batter for DB, gluten free bratwurst, minced beef, turkey, wafer thin and eggs. Six liters of milk, spread, tinned tomatoes, salad, veggies both fresh and frozen, bread products for DB ( I only eat one slice of GF a day and take it out of the freezer as I need it) potatoes and loo rolls.

My menu: chilli, rice and salad. Cottage pie and veggies. Fish/GF sausage, homemade chips and veggies, turkey, salad and baked spud, scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes on toast. Vegetable soup and bread. Baked potatoes, beans and grated cheese.  Lunches are ham/boiled egg salad or sandwich. Breakfast (I usually just have hot milk with instant coffee) is usually toast or cereals for DB. We’re not snackers and fill up at meal times.

Supper tonight as a veggie stretched bolognaise. This made six portions with pasta, GF in my case. I make it in the slow cooker, I just throw everything in, turn it on and go to work.

I still have food in the cupboards and the freezer and aim to go well over a week before I go shopping again and stretch lots to two meals and leftovers for lunch. Nothing is going to be fancy and it’s a week of basics but I’m determined to save that money.

Until tomorrow,

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx  


21 thoughts on “It doesn’t go far these days. 

  1. As a family and a big bill to pay this next week we have had a no spend week, it’s done the kids good and my purse.
    I will do a stocktake on Sunday and menu plan,I love doing this, it’s knowing if we need to manage on nowt we can, we all could do with “make do knowledge”, I’m trying to pass on as much information as possible to my children.

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  2. You purchased all this for under 30 pounds; I don’t know what the exchange is between Euros and USA dollars but I couldn’t have purchased that for less than $50 here in my hometown.


  3. Off topic, but I got my eyes tested (free) and I need “multi focal” lenses (bifocals in old school language) and the lenses will cost, wait for it…$780. Yes $780. That doesn’t include frames. My health fund will give me $200 back, if I’m lucky. I was too scared to ask what the contact lenses would cost. Meanwhile am always inspired by your frugality and discipline. God knows I need a bit of it right now x


    • Wow, that is high!! I wear the no line bifocals, with photo grey, (change to sunglasses in the sun) and I paid under $200 without frames just a couple months ago. Walmart in the US. Can you compare prices elsewhere or are they already ordered? That seems very high.

      Back to Frugal Queen: your meals do generally look very tempting to me, and you seem to have quite a variety of meals, which is also important to me. Not that I mind the same two nights in a row, either–but I do like a large repertoire of dishes. You are doing extremely well on sticking to your resolve!


      • I long for a buyers market. Australia is very expensive. Don’t even get me started on groceries, real estate, insurance, public transport, dentistry, day care for children and after school care. Thanks for inspiring me as always. I think you help so very much with your budget ideas but also your philanthropy and how disciplined you are.


    • That is outrageous, I’ve never paid that and that includes exam, frames and my glasses darken when in the sun (I can’t think of what that is called) and costs less. Perhaps that price is norm for your area. Take your prescription and shop around. I’ve done that when the frames I desired were not available.


  4. My family and food drive me nuts. By 10 am this morning I was told that mum would not eat the dinner I was preparing.

    Then I went to the pharmacy to get my medicine for the next four weeks. It was staggering $143. I know will have to buy other meds too. I am going to have to wring my dollars dry over the next few weeks until I figure out how to incorporate this into my budget. The sad thing is that most of these medicines are subsidised.

    I keep reading your ideas and every little tip helps.


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