Cheapest and easiest!

Hello Dear Reader,

I am in the frugal train with every intention of staying on for the journey! Here’s supper tonight and it’s a simple supper of two poached eggs on toast, gluten free in my case. In spite of the size of us, we’re not big eaters.  I’ll eat more some days and less on others. 

We’ll often just have soup and supper once a week is always something on toast. I think those little savings add up to hundreds of pounds a year and I like to think of, another ferry crossing or tyres for the car. In this case, the savings add up to a wood stove.

Now, to save money, instead of one ‘on toast’ meals a week, but I’m going to add a soup and something in a baked spud. I’m aiming to take £10 a week off my food bill. That, along with not spending any money should swell the wood stove coffers.

I get free range eggs for 99p for six and my bread is 30p a slice so a very cheap supper for me.

Over to you, do you do ‘on toast’ or a soup supper?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx 


14 thoughts on “Cheapest and easiest!

  1. I must admit I used to love eggs on toast but since being diagnosed with diabetes I can’t stomach them but you can’t beat cheap and cheerful, hubby’s favourite is egg chips and beans


  2. I love grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. Favorite inexpensive soups- curried lentil or chicken soup make from the leftovers I throw in the fridge. I always save the bones from a roast chicken and make stock for my soups. We used to have one meal of breakfast for dinner- pancakes, eggs and cheese on an English muffin…but I haven’t convinced my husband to do this now that the kids are grown up and gone.


    • Another vote for grilled cheese and tomato soup. We also have breakfast for dinner – bacon, hash browns, tomatoes – one of the kids favourites. We also have savoury mince on toast – cooked mince mix is always in the freezer.


  3. Soups and more soup as I can get 8 large servings for probably under $10 each, including bread or crackers to go along with it. I also use up what’s in the veggie bin, this weekend using carrots, onion, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes, I whipped part to make the broth tastier and thicker, but then added a small amount of leftover dry pasta. Probably 8 servings for $4.00! Besides stuff on toast, our go to cheap meal is stuff in tortillas-rice, beans, a little cheese-delicious and filling.


  4. Sadly free range eggs are very expensive here and under the new laws those girls are very crowded. But I am allergic to egg so our family only uses a dozen or so every two to three weeks. Our cheapest meals come from leftover bits and pieces. Soups, fried rice, stir fry and stews such as curries are all second meal creations. Last night I felt so ill after eating a little thing with egg in it! So my meal was vegemite on toast and an apple. Everyone else had left over lamb. Who knew four lamb shanks could do more than four meal times?


  5. Last night I wandered through the garden and picked a few leaves of Kangkong, some bok choy and a large handful of parsley. I made those into an omlette, although it was more greens than eggs. Tonight I am making chicken and pumpkin curry – that will last for a few meals.


  6. Eggs with toast, on toast are always tasty.
    Have you ever tried scrambled egg sandwiched between two slices of hot buttered toast…


  7. My favourite soup is often what ever I have a glut of at the allotment and stock soup. Curried parsnip soup with allotment parsnips is probably the best. We have 4 chickens as well so chinese egg drop soup is always a nutritious favourite. Lunch today is going to be scrambled eggs (from the allotment) with a handful of chopped herbs (allotment again) and a piece of toast each. I think I have the dregs of a tub of salsa in the fridge just to make it a bit different. I often make “cowboy stew”. Basically I cook a £5 gammon from Aldi for dinner one night, use some left overs in sandwiches, maybe some minestrone, and then what ever is left I chuck in the slow cooker with an onion, a tin of chopped tomato, a tin of cheap baked beans and a good glug of worcestershire sauce, and have either on a baked potato, chips or more often than not, just a crust loaf. It does 4 quite nicely. xxx


  8. I can recommend socca, egg free pancakes/crepes made from gram (besan) flour, water and seasoning. Also great made thicker as a pizza base, or stuffed with anything you like.


  9. We have soup at least once a week during cooler/cold months. We eat more grilled foods and salads in warmer/hot months. The leftover meats and veggies I’d put in a pot of soup are turned into a salad or meat spread and eaten cold. Leftover chicken and fish I add celery, a little mayo and often grapes and serve on a bed of greens. Beef and ham are turned into meat spreads to make sandwiches or eat with crackers. I eat little bread at home (I love a sandwich while traveling- weird huh 🙂 ) but hubby enjoys sandwiches for lunches. Leftover cold veggies are added to a vinegrette dressing and sometimes pasta. Sometimes I will puree the veggies and add to fruit smoothies. Eggs are a great cheap protein and we eat them all kinds of ways all year round.


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