Poundland pain relief

Hello Dear Reader,

Does anyone use this? £1 and it works. My toe joints, thumb joints and wrists really hurt today. Pain is odd! It travels around regardless of what I’ve done. Sometimes my shoulders are on fire then nothing for weeks and then out of the blue, my feet are in agony usually my arches but joints at other times.

I need to pare back my diet for a couple of weeks and try any work out if it’s something I’m eating, keep a movement diary to see if it’s the way I sit or something I do that causes pain. 

In the meantime, I’m relying on local pain relief and I’ll see how I get on. It’s a great relief from a humble quid!

Over to you, any cheap meds that work for you?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


14 thoughts on “Poundland pain relief

  1. We’ve added 1000mg turmeric curcumin capsules to our suppliments. It’s put an end to hubbies Osteo arthritis pain and helps my memory. I do not have arthritis but if I over do it and have muscular pain usually a good rub in of Tiger balm gets me back into action.


  2. When I went to an osteopath (free to residents with a Cornish GP) he suggested podiatry may help – inserts into shoes (prescribed for the individual).


  3. Froogs, I’d never heard of such a thing. It’s not widely available in the States. The oral, pill form of ibuprofen is my mainstay for aches and pains.


  4. My niece and I are GF, but if exposed to gluten we have that pain that moves around with lots of inflammation. Also repeated exposure to food dyes causes this for me.


  5. If any readers in the US can find a source for this (and hopefully at a reasonable price) please let others know in the comments!


  6. I used to be like that. It was a real bummer when I worked on the wards – some days I needed more help to dress than the people I looked after! I saw an orthopaedic surgeon privately – he diagnosed a motile arthritis. But weirdly, it settled with age. I get occasional flare ups, but rare these days, maybe 1-2 a year. Maybe less physical stress from work, maybe I grew out of it! But Brufen gel for £1 does it for me too x


  7. I used to take aspirin, but as I needed more for more arthritis pain, it bothered my stomach too much. I now use a prescription pain killer, but not an opiod. I only take it at bedtime, because it makes me too sleepy to take in the day I do HAVE a prescription opiod but only take it when the pain makes it difficult to walk, perform daily routines, and then usually only at bedtime in place of the other. I have heart disease and prefer to avoid arthritis meds and another whole set of complications with those. I’d rather stick to simple pain relief as long as I can take it. My arthritis is very unpredictable, sometimes hardly any pain, sometimes more. Roll with it.


  8. A cap full of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water first thing in the day. It seems to help any cold symptoms or sore throats, but also prevents (fingers crossed) tummy bugs. My kids have a some in juice every morning. I am a fan of local honey to help most things, but especially hayfever allergies. It is expensive, but a little can go a long way and is probably better for you than too many medicines. I am prone to athletes foot breakouts, and do you use cream when it gets bad, but soaking my feet in a washing up bowl of warm water, bicarbonate of soda and salt seems to keep it at bay during the winter, and a decent pair of sandals does the trick in the summer. xxx


  9. My brother is coeliac and has psoriatic arthritis associated with it. Lactose intolerant too. He gets pain in his breastbone and his feet, so it may be what is affecting you. He takes methotrexate now and that seems to have dealt with his pain. Hope you find out what is triggering it


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