Have a good clear out!


Hello Dear Reader,

My first no spend week has gone well. Focusing on living a simple life with less made me look around for anything I could clear out and sell but I decided against that. Instead, I went on our community page on Facebook and gave the items away instead. The objective was achieved and we’ve had a good clear out. It’s freed up space and pared down even further.

It’s been a beautiful day which meant the recycling was taken to the recycling centre, washing dried on the line, ironed and put away. The house has been cleaned and we’ve chopped and stacked logs, deconstructed a pallet and chopped it down into kindling.

We haven’t been out, bought anything, had a takeaway, been any where and not so much as spent a penny on anything other than groceries and diesel in the car.

Week one and six to go.

To be honest, this is just our normal but it’s the belt tightening that will get that wood stove installed in our French home and it’s worth the squeeze. People must think, wouldn’t it be easier to use a credit card or overdraft but we choose to live completely debt free, to save for what we need and go without until we get there. Whether it’s a new car, household item or renovation the temporary austerity is worth it to us. It might seem alien to some but deciding to spend no money at all for a period of time is just the way we do it. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


16 thoughts on “Have a good clear out!

  1. I know you don’t use credit cards, but, we do, with the proviso that we pay them off every month. But by staggering buying I can have up to 2 months to gather the money to pay it off. I’m not talking frivolous buying, but things we need.
    Also many of our stores will give us 6 months same as cash, no interest. So my money stays in the bank, making a little interest, and I always pay off well before the 6 months is up.
    That’s just my way of doing it.

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    • Me too. And what’s more I get points on my credit card that I can convert to vouchers so I use those for things like replacing electrical items when they finally expire. Works well for me.


      • Me too. We use a credit card only for essential items such as food and fuel and then pay the bill off at the end of each month so that the balance is back to zero. Each time we use our card we get points towards travel cost/air miles/supermarket shopping vouchers etc. This is perfect for us because we travel to France regulary and get plenty of free travel which is such a bonus. It works well for us, too.


  2. I’m with you, Frugal – I avoid debt like the plague and either don’t buy at all or save until I can. I have never owned a credit card in my life and still have what I really need and most of what I want!


  3. I do use a CC BUT it’s paid off in full monthly. I do shop second hand, and yes, if I pay with the CC, I get points which I later cash in as a lump credit on my next statement. I keep tabs of this free money and use it for things like new laptops. It can work in one’s favor, just have to be vigilent to pay it off in full, choose a no annual fee card, and pay before it’s due to avoid any finance charges.

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    • i used a santander cashback credit card for a year, paying off what ever I bought before any charge incurred. It charged me a monthly fee. I spent so little money that at the end of the year I just broke even. It wasn’t worth having so after the year was us, I cancelled it and don’t have one. It might sound risky but we have an account each, so if one account or bank isn’t accessible which is so very rare we still have access to money.


  4. 18 months at zero interest might sound like a good idea, but what if you lose your job/get injured/some other huge expense comes up? A lot can happen in 18 months, so for myself I wouldn’t risk it.


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  5. I love reading your blog, it keeps me on track. Yesterday I received a cheque for some extra freelance work I did over Easter and my brain said buy more clothes!!! I spent an hour window shopping on the net….popped off to do some housework and when I got back I looked at everything in the basket (which added up to less than half the cheque) and put it all back! I do need some work clothes so popped into my local Peacocks and picked up a pair of shoes and a vest top in the sale for a tenner instead. The cheque is going into my savings account, along with the extra payment for other work which is due next week. Reading your blog is what helps me make sensible choices…. I can keep working towards our goal of paying off the mortgage and moving abroad within 10 years. Thank you πŸ™‚


  6. We too prefer to give away items that are still in good condition but that we no longer need. We are working towards putting our house up for sale and yesterday cleared out our garden shed and the carport storage area. Here you can just put things at the curb and people will take them. A neighbor happily took a plant stand. The rest was gone within a few hours but I didn’t see who took it.

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  7. Its taken me a long time to work it out, but I have realised using a credit card means just one thing …. I cant actually afford it !


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