Remote controlled gardening

Hello Dear Reader,

Putting something into the local economy. We arranged to have our hedge cut down before we left Huelgoat and it’s been done. The hedge was subject to a neighbourly dispute and we’d promised to get it removed. Apparently, the neighbour is already much happier.

We paid before we left and week one of being at home has been a no spend week.

Enjoy the view of the shutters xxx

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


13 thoughts on “Remote controlled gardening

  1. I’m all for a bit of privacy and cosyness around the house. But I must admit that that hedge was just too much and too dark.
    The hedge being cut is better in your case, neighbour watch when you’re not there. Less chance of break ins.


  2. With every picture, we get to see how it is coming along. You have me inspired to start looking ahead for a little retirement cottage, in a part of our world that is much lower expenses than where we live now, saving more money for retirement travel. The shutters look to be well worth the labor you put into restoring them. They are just gorgeous.

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  3. Looks great and a great start to good neighbour relations. Just wondering why there is a rectangular patch almost cream at the top left of the house?


      • Thanks for explaining :), everything is really coming along. It is all reminding me of a song not sure of the title but in it goes like this “you’re living someone else’s dream”. I know you are living your own dream of course but it’s lovely for us to live vicariously too. I’m in my early 40s so am thinking one day this could be me, with a bit of forward planning and continued frugality. Mortgage cleared but big family on a low income to think about too.

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  4. shutters look wonderful. I know you said you weren’t going to plant fruit trees and because you won’t be living there but I really really hope you’ll plant some low maintenance roses and bulbs because that garden is, like the house, just waiting for some love and is ready to shine! So much potential!


  5. What a beautiful view and with the forest behind the house. Just a query, are you going to remove the ivy climbing the walls on the right side of the photo?

    You have planned and accomplished so very much. All the very best 🙂


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