It’s starting to smell funny!

Hello Dear Reader,

I went to take a pack of minced beef out of the freezer whilst putting milk back in the fridge. My stinky French cheese was starting to overpower the fridge and needed to use it up. I used Roquefort cheese which is a soft blue cheese that melts easily and has a strong flavour. It goes really well with spinach and it’s my favourite cheese next to Stilton. 

Here’s what I did with the stinky cheese.

I used

2 baked potatoes – 12 mins in the microwave.

3 bacon rashers, cut into lardons.

1 bag of spinach, washed and drained.

Blue cheese- as much or as little as you like.

Garlic granules

Knob of butter.

Bake or microwave the potatoes.

In a pan, cook the lardons until the fat renders down.

Add the spinach, a knob of butter and sprinkle if garlic powder or granules.

Crumble the blue cheese in readiness.
Wilt the spinach.

Cover the potatoes with the bacon and spinach and sprinkle with cheese.

Pop under a hot grill until the cheese has melted. Eat greedily!

The minced beef stayed in the freezer and the smell of cheese has gone from the fridge. 

The cheese really compliments the spinach and the bacon pops through every now and then. 

Here’s a thing, get checking in your fridge, check what needs using up, that’s threatening to wilt or expire and find something interesting to do with what ever you find. Let me know what you do, did or are going to do.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


16 thoughts on “It’s starting to smell funny!

  1. I’m new to your blog, but am really loving it. For the past 9 months we have had to ‘tighten our belts’ and I have to say I do feel some satisfaction when I’ve got some pennies left 🙂


  2. I’m trying to get more creative and really pushing myself not to waste food. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to do with a partial tuna salad my husband made last Thursday. I can’t eat another bit of it, and he seems to have neglected that he made such a huge version of a food only he really likes.


    • Add some bread crumbs and make a patty. Lightly fry in coconut oil. Serve on a bed of lettuce greens with a light vinegrette dressing… could be a possibility. You can probably make the patty, cook than freeze it for another meal.


  3. Hello.Pourquoi n’achetez-vous pas plutôt une tête d’ail ?
    Vous pouvez en râper un peu avec les dents d’une fourchette au fond du saladier quand vous faites une salade verte…Congratulations,i read your blog every evening to improve my english and because I love it.Thanks a lot.Catherine.


      • Thanks for your quick and french answer. I wanted help you to improve your french language :)) C’est très bien,cordialement,Catherine from Marseille.


  4. Emptying the freezer of odd bits, so today we had a curry hotchpotch – leftovers from 2 previous curries and some stew, with some extra vegetables and a couple of boiled eggs. Just needed a little curry paste added. Served with brown rice. Tasty.


  5. Mushrooms going into an omelet with the last Roma tomato. That will leave 2 eggs to be hard boiled. 1 for each of hubbies work meals.


  6. Currently have several squashes, trillions of leeks, huge oversized parsnips, and peppers to use up. We have an allotment and although the squashes were stored they are starting to go mouldy now, and the leeks and parsnips were not dug up in time on the allotment so now have a massive glut!


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