It can be done!

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m of the belief that I can do anything I put my mind to. I was brought up by a mum who taught me that there’s no such thing as can’t. So, here’s the thing. I’ve got seven weeks until I go back and I want to have saved the money to buy a wood stove as I’ve saved already for the installation. We met a lovely ‘plombier’ when we were in Huelgoat who emailed over a quote that we’ve accepted his price, which means we’ve entered into a legal contract that he’ll do the work and I’ll pay him.

This’ll mean stashing away another £500! Holy Moly!

Come back as I squirrel every penny away, make every saving I can. I’m also aiming to make £100 by selling stuff we need rid of to make the total.

Back tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


10 thoughts on “It can be done!

  1. I know you’ll do it Froogs, and then have the pleasure of a cosy fire for many years to come. I’m looking forward to hearing how you do it, as I’m also cutting things back to the bone to save for a much needed renovation and the cost of everything has gone up, up, up here in Oz.

    I’m currently trying to get a better interest rate on my mortgage, as well as finding a new insurer and phone and electricity provider. Even though it seems like a lot of effort to switch providers, and I’ve spent many hours on the phone, I know all of those little savings will add up and I will feel very pleased with myself in the long run, as well as be better off.

    You go girl!



  2. Froogs, I know you’re super busy with work and your studies, but if you could find the time, what about making some of the Yoosta Bee tote bags you made some years back? Sell them for gifts, etc. Perhaps sell them online or locally.

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  3. Hello,
    I recently discovered your blog and started following.
    There is no such word as can’t. Goodness me, you do not hear that very often any more.
    I know that you will achieve your goal. Look forward to reading about the process and progress.
    Take care Jackie


  4. In the past I’ve made baby quilts to sell. Young parents liked the quilts made with recycled mens cotton shirts and other prints…… I listed them as repurposed and eco…. Its a bit of work, but I sold ten of them for $150 each. It is easier most of the time time to not spend what you already have. I wish it were easier to list things on ebay. The photos are so time consuming. I’m trying to use up boxes of quilting cottons now, just to get more space. Plus staying busy with projects keeps me home, with a pot of soup on stove, and out of the stores. Good luck, it will be worth the efforts.


    • I’m not a quilter myself, but from Froogs’ previous posts about making baby quilts, they seem to go faster than a normal sized quilt. Making baby quilts is a great idea!


  5. I’m looking forward to your posts over the next 7 weeks. We had some big expenses this winter, and even though most of them were planned, I’m still feeling poor. It’s funny–DH gauges his feelings by the stock market (which he cannot control) and I gauge how I feel by how much I spend (and that’s something I can control. Between us, we’re both feeling broke right now! (although I don’t think we are).


  6. It is surprising what we can do when we have a goal in sight and at least it is only weeks and not years which gets boring, we have been trying to get our meals to stretch a lot further and by not eating so much we are healthier too, it is amazing how far you can make a chicken go,so good luck and I am looking forward to your blogs over the weeks to come.


  7. Get idea! Think I will give it a try. I know I have lots of things I can do around the house without spending a dime. Have a great day.


  8. O am looking forward to seeing how how you do it – notice that none of your readers has any doubt that you will manage this! Good luck to you.


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