Menu planning for the week ahead 

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m so predictable! I get a rough plan together every week, check the freezer and stock cupboards and put a shopping list together. I found the spreadsheet on excel images and feel free to use it or any others that you find. I tend to just write a list and pop it on the kitchen cupboard with a bit of sticky tape. 

Here’s my plan for this week.

Sunday – Shepherds pie, carrots and peas. Yogurt and fruit.

Monday – Turkey in tomato sauce, baked potato and cauliflower, lunch cheese and pickle sandwich, fruit and rice crackers and peanut butter for me.

Tuesday – lamb casserole, carrots and cabbage. Lunch – last night’s leftovers.

Wednesday – spaghetti bolognaise and gluten free pasta – lunch, last night’s leftover – can you see a pattern here?

Thursday – cottage pie, veggies – lunch – leftovers .

Friday – egg, chips and beans. Lunch – leftovers.

Saturday – homemade pasties, my gluten free pasty has no pastry but get wrapped in foil.

Sunday – roast shoulder of pork, roast potatoes, veggies, gravy, gluten free Yorkshire puddings. 
It’s all warming comfort food here for a bit longer, easy to reheat as we still don’t have warm weather. It’s all reasonably cheap, homemade, no eating out or takeaways nothing ready made or out of a packet.

For breakfast we have either, toast, poached egg on toast, a bacon sandwich at the weekend, cereal or porridge.

What’s on your menus this week? Anyone else still on a winter menu as it’s still cold where you are?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


13 thoughts on “Menu planning for the week ahead 

  1. I could eat it all!!
    I have the same breakfast every day, same lunch and a variety of main meals. I’m 5 weeks into the 8 week blood sugar diet with incredible results so far both re. lower blood sugars and weight loss.
    Your menu is to die for!!!


  2. I aspire to do it every week but sometimes it goes out of the window, I found some Chinese 5 spice paste today at Noz, not something they tend to sell here in France and so I used the leftover pork from yesterday to make a stir fry, it was delicious and tomorrow I am doing some cubed beef in blitzed tomatoes in the slow cooker with creamed potatoes and broccoli, beyond that it’s a bit shaky 🙂


  3. I’m still on holiday, our schools go back next Monday. Still cold here so it’s porridge for breakfast and lots of soups for lunch and even tea sometimes. I’m having a ‘use it up’ and eat from the freezer/storcupboard month so meals can be an ‘interesting’ mix!


  4. Still cold here in Indiana. Snowed on Saturday! I try to be organized, but don’t always get there with ill parents here. Alzheirmers is a horrid disease, and caring for the ill one is stressful but keeping something cooked is on my list every day. My hens keep me in eggs, so that’s always a quick supper, and they are a huge blessing.


  5. I’m still very much on a winter menu here in Massachusetts, where it snowed last week. Been eating porridge for breakfast (rice, milk, maple syrup) and soup of all kinds for lunch and in the evening…just had the first bowl from a big pot of carrot lentil soup.


  6. I meal plan in a slap dash fashion, I am no where near as disciplined as you because I can only eat something I “feel” like eating if that makes sense. Tonight we are having braised beef cheeks that I cooked yesterday from freezer and pantry ingredients and I always bring in left overs for lunch. It is boiling hot here so I have been making a lot of salads. Love the blog as always.


    • Like you I can only eat what my appetite or stomach allow and it makes planning very difficult. I wasn’t always like this but now have a hiatus hernia. I wish I knew the cause of this. Sometimes it’s so bad that I can cook food but then not want to eat it or not enjoy what I have cooked. If I keep my fridge filled with enough variety of foods generally I can choose something to eat but I would much rather be able to plan more specifically each day.


  7. I am hankering for warming food but autumn hasn’t even arrived in my part of Australia. We have had a rough few weeks with emergency hospital admissions but life is settling now so it is time to tackle the mess in cupboard and fridges.
    1. Braised lamb shanks and parsnip puree.
    2. Rissoles, mash, veg and tomato and onion gravy.
    3. Roasted chicken and vegetables.
    4. Moroccan lamb stew.
    5. Something fish…I have to investigate what hides and lurks in the frozen world.
    Breakfasts are cereals for most of us. Mum prefers a full English breakfast which includes black pudding. Lunches will either be leftovers or a sandwich and fruit. For snacks I will be making banana bread. Dessert is a rarity.


  8. Spring is slowly coming to Norway and we are definitely lightening up our menus. I have run the household to a menu plan for nearly 10 years now but have been having a Lenten ” use up the freezer stocks” time since February so have abandoned it for a while. I am gradually finding space in the freezer and am enjoying the challenge of a more random approach to the week’s cooking ( and a little extra cash in my purse!) I am aiming to have empty freezers by the time the summer fruit and vegetable harvest is ready to start filling them up again!


  9. We are emptying the freezer and pantry, so planning the weeks menus has become a bit of an adventure.The one thing I do every week is plan meals it’s the only way to keep to a budget.
    Mon, home made pizza, coleslaw,peach crumble and custard.
    Tues, fish fingers,mash, peas, jelly and ice cream.
    Wed, pork stew and dumplings, cheese and biscuits.
    Thurs, freezer veg lasagne,frozen fruit sponge pudding and left over custard from Monday.
    Friday, that’s as far as I’ve got rummaging through the big freezer.


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