Is this your first time?


Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve added this in case you’re here for the first time today.

Who is Frugal Queen. I’m a blogger who writes about our life in Cornwall and Brittany in the holidays. I save money at every breath! We live a simple life by choice and not by necessity. I’m a great believer that you make your own choices so do so wisely. We’re frugal as life is ever changing and our hopes of a comfortable retirement changed with the raising of the pension age, shrinking of pensions and of course an uncertain future. I don’t think you can have money now and when you’re retired so we are making small steps every day to make our future the best we can.

We are ’empty nesters’ who can therefore save every penny and we can afford to make the choices we make. In case you want to know my credentials, what ever they are. We both work in professional roles, are well paid and have grown up children who are both employed and living independently. My politics are centralist but not left wing, I’m against wasting money and think most politics is a bit half hearted and needs some welly from people with more conviction. if you go back to the beginning of my blog you’ll find my history and how I got to where I am today. In short, we were down and now we’re on the way up again.

I can’t stand waste, mindless consumerism, bad service, rip off charges, throw away society, eating in the street, sniffing and poor standards of cleanliness and most of all, hate laziness. I believe in re-using, DIY, make it if you can, make do and mend, cook it yourself, if it can be repaired, then repair it and getting on with it yourself.

Until tomorrow,


Love Froogs xxxx


9 thoughts on “Is this your first time?

  1. It is not my first time here, but yours was the first blog I started reading, and now I am addicted to blogging, I have even started my own blog.
    I am also currently reading yours right through from the start again. xx


  2. As usual a great blog and what a good idea to update people with who you are, we were lucky enough to just come in under the wire as regards our pensions being born in 47/49 but I am learning to be more Frugal as making the move from salary to pension is quite brutal, I have come to look forward to your blog as I hope you do mine, keep going and never give up on your dream x


  3. I’ve read your blog for years, followed your ups and downs, but I’m surprised by one thing. Back in the day, you were very strongly against people owning holiday homes in your county. You felt the weekenders were raising property values and decreasing the availability and affordability of homes for young people in your region.

    Now you are planning on renting out both of your properties at various times. How is helping the young of your region?

    I know this post won’t appear on your blog, but I’m truly interested in this about face.


    • We’ve bought a retirement home in Brittany, there are thousands of vacant properties that the French don’t want. Houses prices are cheap enough there for locals and we bought a house that had been empty for thirty years. Until we retire, it’ll be a holiday home for us, friends and family. They can pay with gardening, hedge cutting or a bit of painting. It won’t be available to anyone else and they will do the s a favour by airing it. When retire, our Cornish house, that’s not in a tourist area, will be available for long term rent and will be let through a letting agency. There will always be a need for rental properties in my area for local families.


  4. I recently discovered your blog by chance. We are keen renovators and work to a very tight budget, doing pretty much all of the work ourselves. It has been so nice to find blogs written by like minded people who are not afraid of hard work. We both have professional careers , but we have always been frugal and often had people make negative comments about our way of life – we meal plan, we stick to a budget, we make do and mend, we grow our own veg, we love DIY and we enjoy investing in our future. Most of our colleagues take a couple of fancy holidays a year, wear the latest fashions and enjoy maxing out their credit cards, they find our way of life a bit of a joke, but we love it and wouldn’t swap it.


  5. Hello, this is not my first visit, but it is the first time that I’ve sat down and read several of your posts, having discovered your blog recently. I have found your posts very interesting and I’m in a position where we need to make big economies, so will be taking a lot of your suggestions and implementing them in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for sharing your experiences of frugral living.


  6. I’ve been reading your blog since 2011 and I am reading from the beginning for the second time. I always find new motivation for keeping on with the frugal life. Thank you Froogs for keeping up the blog and sharing your life with us.


  7. Please can you add Bad Manners to that last paragraph. I was in a cafe having coffee with a friend the other day, a family came in, the children did not sit still for one moment even after they had been served. I am not saying children should be seen and not heard, , but to let your children run around disturbing other people should not be allowed the mother just sat there with her partner neither taking any notice of their children.



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