A little bit more France


Hello Dear Reader,

A bit more France in the sunshine.

The chaos and the Moulin.


The weekly Jeudi market.


Primroses in my garden.

Someone said, listen to your body. I did, it wanted chocolate so I had a bar of it. Plenty to chose from.

The school menu for the school restaurant. No choice, that’s what there is.
Dolly on her daily lake walk. 

We’ll be back in seven weeks for half term.

Until then, tightfisted thriftiness will continue.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx 


10 thoughts on “A little bit more France

  1. The cottage is shaping up, and happy to see your body got a treat. There’s no way any calories will stay with the weeks you’ve had. I’ve been keeping your family and son in my thoughts. Safe travels and health.


  2. Dolly looks v happy. Glad you had some chocolate. It cheers me up. The house looks so picturesque. I hope your son is better and that you are rested. Goodnight.


  3. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing with us. You must be happy for a little rest about now. You’ve accomplished a lot in a short time.


  4. What pretty pictures and how lovely and soothing to have the sound of a river flowing by so close to your cottage. I have to say that I am impressed by the school menu; if only our schools did the same. I attended a school where you’ got what you were given’, but the food we were served was delicious and everything was sourced locally and cooked in the school kitchen and no one ever complained. My children have a choice of menu, but invariably opt to have packed lunches because they get fed up with the pasta and baked potatoes on offer. The only day they eat a school dinner is on a Wednesday when it is a roast dinner. Wednesday is the busiest day in the school kitchen, pretty much all of the school want their weekly roast dinner, even in the summer.


  5. I love looking at your France pictures! This is part of our 5 year plan. Pay off our debt, save for a deposit on a french property near my parents and move the family out.


  6. Lovely photos! The school menu is interesting, I work in a sixth form college and it astounds me what rubbish is offered for our future generation! Too much junk food and fizzy drinks. Would love there to be a menu like that.


  7. We always found it so hard to make that trip back to blighty after 12 years of going backwards and forwards so I feel for you guys, is it your plan to come over for good one day


  8. Looks absolutely wonderful. I have always wanted a second home in another country, but wonder if I would constantly feel a pull to be in both places!? You have certainly chosen a wonderful village. Thanks for including us in your adventures!


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