Time to go home


Hello Dear Reader,

Has it really been two weeks? This holiday has flown by. I lost the entire of yesterday to a migraine and today on long distance rescue of my son who’s really ill. Mum and dad went to his rescue, got him to a local doctor and are helping him out. Consequently, we’re taking an earlier ferry and are going home tomorrow.

The highlight of today has been the chimney sweep, who also installs wood burners. The chimney is in good condition, didn’t really need sweeping but it’s done and we have the safety certificate for insurance purposes. We explained that we wanted to stick to a budget and wanted a stove from the Brico, even here they try to fit British stoves as the quality is superior and a stove will last a lifetime. A cheap French one will have to do. It’s a huge expense and is in every house we’ve ever had but once it’s in, it’s cheap to run and the heat  is amazing. 

We’ve also been to the vet….that was cheap too, both dogs fully checked and meds for travelling, €31. At home, our vet charges £36 just to open the door and that’s per dog. 

So, pet passports are done, the shutters are rehung and gleaming white and we’ve bought some oil filled radiators that’ll go on timers when the electricity is on cheap rate.

We couldn’t quite finish the kitchen as we brought a few parts that were wrong and we’ll bring the right ones next time. We’ll also replace the sink in due course so the entire kitchen matches and the sink is the right height for me. Bending over a low sink is no good for my back.  


All that’s left is to give the house a thorough clean. It’ll be strange as we leave everything here. Next time we come at the end of May, everything, but clean bedding will be here waiting for us. We’ll still be in the flat upstairs for a while as we save some more money each pay day. It’ll be a slow progress but in the end it’ll be home. We were asked, won’t it be hard to go home, I don’t think so and I’m going to enjoy the contrast. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx



10 thoughts on “Time to go home

  1. I hope you’re feeling much better now. It was good that your Mum and Dad could come to your son’s rescue, it sounds as though he’s been really poorly.

    It might have gone quickly this last two weeks but look at how much you have accomplished AND you managed a little bit of relaxing time too which is, after all, what it’s all supposed to be about.

    You have to enjoy the journey as well as the destination …. as everyone kept telling me!!


  2. So sorry to hear about your son, hope he is feeling better… yes the two weeks always went quickly for us and we did it so often that I didn’t know where I lived in the end, thankfully France won.


  3. Safe home to you, DB and the doggies. I hope your son makes a speedy recovery. Its been great reading your blog in France. Let us know how your son is. xx


  4. I was glad to hear your Mum and Dad are with your son. Sending my best wishes for his speedy recovery. You and your hubby have achieved so much during this stay – well done to you both and thank you for sharing your inspiring updates with us all xxx


  5. Fingers crossed for your son. I lost 2 days this week through migraine – and have discovered after years of pill popping that deep temperal massage for about 20 mins works for me – tough on the knuckles but amazingly does the trick! A revelation after 45 years of wasted days! Safe trip home.


  6. Hope you’ve got home safely, and that your son is now feeling much better. I have really enjoyed following the progress of your new home. Thank you. Penny Lx


  7. hi, just a quick note – can’t load any pics! pics load fine for previous and following blogs, don’t know why they won’t for this post???? I like your pics ( and your blogs, of course lol)


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