A day off 


Hello Dear Reader,

I just gave in to tiredness and aches yesterday and took the day off. Well, sort of!

We went to the dechetterie and recycled everything we could. The staff stand and point, or wag a finger if you get it wrong or shout ‘allez’ and point that you need to move on as there’s someone else waiting. We’ve learned what we have to do and did it. 

We then took ourselves on a walk of discovery to the deep man made waterways of Huelgoat. So pretty as they meander through the town.

We also admire houses as we go around. Huelgoat has faded and it a little tourist village but it had grandeur in its day.

I love this door, so ornate.

I love the way that this wisteria has eaten the fence. 

After a slow lunch at home, we went to Brico depot and I feel like a local now. Even managed a conversation in French. I stood around, like a brico widow, whilst DB furtled about and had knowing exchanges with equally bored French women about waiting for our husbands. 

We found it to be so cheap in there that we’ll brave more work ourselves than we first intended, like buying a cheaper stove, new bigger water tank and so on. It’ll all have to be saved for and those things will come in time. 

I’m also going to contact Orange and get a phone line/internet/tv package. They let you switch it on and off so to speak so you only pay when you’re there. I often have no phone or Internet signal and I’m going to change that.

Today? More painting, kitchen fitting, taking the dogs to the vet for travel roc endures, tidying and off to visit a friend. 

See you tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


10 thoughts on “A day off 

  1. It is so important to take time out, we often used to work every minute of every day when here for two weeks that we were exhausted at the end of it and never got to see our surroundings, at the same time you do want to get on with it, enjoy


  2. Good to have a day off – although you did go to the recycling depot!
    I love the view of the houses – particularly loving the teal shutters!
    I love seeing your house come back to life – like a modern -day fairy tale.
    Thank you for sharing your hard work with us.


  3. am loving this new journey of yours, thanks for sharing! I love that door too! I wish so much you had a tv show. I think it would be so popular. Am so excited to see how the house and your journey evolves. x


  4. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. The older houses are lovely. I think you get so much more for your money in an old house—although getting it in shape is some trouble! We bought a 100 or 105 year old house and probably spent close to 30 years working on it–not nearly as quickly as you are, since we still had kids at home at the time, and had to earn the money as we went along as well. Now that we are retired, it’s not so urgent to improve but just to maintain takes a while too. I love your walk photos. Everyone except me is a good photographer in our family!! I am not artistic, though I have done a lot of sewing, knitting, etc. in my life–my husband, daughter and grand-daughter have much more talent and good “eyes” for artistic. I just make stuff–they arrange it. Together we get it done, though.


  5. My parents have had pretty good service with “Free” for phone/internet/mobile, including free international calls on the landline. They are in France part-time. I believe a basic mobile package comes for free (haha!) along with the rest of the package, which is good because the PAYG mobile tariffs tend to have a time limit on them. Recommend you look into it.


  6. Hi, have just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. We too have a maisonettes secondaries (in La Mayenne) Have you anymore details re the orange Internet phone package- we currently pay a lot even when we are not there..so would be interested in more info


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