Sunshine, shutters and kitchen

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been the most beautiful day in our bit of heaven. The dogs have had lots of walkies, the washing dried in the sun and the garden is drying out. It’s been a swamp, hence the weed barrier as a path so we didn’t end up ankle deep in mud.


I’ve painted indoors today, the ground floor toilet, bathroom and kitchen and I’ve even taken down one pair of shutters. They’ve gone green with algae so I washed them, dried them, sanded them and they’ve received their first cost of paint. 

We’ve decided to keep the current kitchen sink and take the one we bought back to the shop. I removed the cabinet doors and I’m sanding them and they’ve had a couple of coats of paint. They will need several more. I have doors, door frames, window frames to sand down and paint. I’m aiming to get it all done this year. 

DB is doing really well with the kitchen. The units are all assembled and ready to go.

In a few days, I’ll have a fully working kitchen. Who’s coming to dinner first then? 

We were going to treat ourselves to a night in a local restaurant but I’m dusty, dirty and tired. Egg on toast and an early night it is then. 

I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


11 thoughts on “Sunshine, shutters and kitchen

  1. I think egg on toast is one of the most delicious meals one can have. That, a wash and an early night sounds absolutely perfect, especially after such a productive day.

    J x


  2. Those French pot sinks are the best. You can’t buy them like that anymore You hang onto it! Don’t envy you having to paint all those shutters – been there, done that too. Do it whilst you have the energy. Helen in France


  3. I am almost green with envy. I am just smiling at this post. The picture of your home with the sun shining on it and bushes in bloom is wonderful. Watching your progress is delightful. I would love to get hubby on board to do much the same for a holiday house.


  4. so much progress, this all must be deeply satisfying. Is that a pink rose bush or a camellia in your garden? It looks beautiful.


  5. And you have blossoms in the garden!! You are making excellent progress. We did tons when we moved into our house—but that was nearly 38 years ago now. It looks to me like you’re doing things very fast, especially compared to our progress these days!!
    It’s lovely, inside and out.


  6. I am so enjoying reading your posts of your lovely french house renovation. Love the kitchen sink and your kitchen is looking great. Would love to have shutters on my house but I guess we don’t really get the weather for them here in the UK although this weekend is just lovely and warm for early April or Avril as they say in France.


    • Unless you change to french windows which open inwards shutters don’t work on English windows which open outwards.
      Shutters insulate against the cold in winter so would be ideal as well in the UK. They keep out the heat because you leave them closed in the daytime in the summer when it is hot. Its often easy to spot where the Brits live because they never shut them.


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