A beautiful day in my bit of Brittany 


Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been beautiful here today. I’ve washed and dried two loads of washing, plus I’ve ironed it and put it away.


The sky seems bigger here. I know it isn’t. 
Here’s my camp kitchen. On the menu tonight, sausages, mash and tinned peas and carrots. Fresh vegetables is outrageously expensive locally and a whole fresh crab was cheaper than a cauliflower. We’re off to Morlaix tomorrow to Brico depot, E le Clerc and Lidl. They’re more enough in the same area.


The dogs are getting extra walkies and we get out at intervals in the day, not just to let them out but to give ourselves a break too.

Today, I finished moving all the logs. I ache and it’s driven me a little crazy. Load after load but it’s done ready for next winter.


We don’t get rubbish collected here but has to take it to the community bins. I’m off to recycle.

Our point is on the road of heaven, opposite the chapel. Not a bad spot.

I totally love it here, even recycling is a joy.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


21 thoughts on “A beautiful day in my bit of Brittany 

  1. Hi Froogs, I know what you mean about the sky in France. I kept on saying “look how big the sky is” like, it would be any different! But it is somehow, big, wide and bright! I love reading about your days in Huelgoat, and would love to visit one day. Have a great weekend.


  2. What a lovely place to live! Will they have a farmers market in the summer and fall? That may be the place to get cheaper veggies….
    Barb from Canada


  3. Hi, posting from Australia. Could you look into growing some vegetables yourself? If the weather is cold maybe look into a poly tunnel etc. Excess produce could be frozen or preserved.


  4. I love your blogs!!, what a beautiful place you home is in. I lived in plonevez du faou for three years and I miss the place and the area so much.
    your blogs have given me the drive to clear my debts and sort my future out!!
    thank you


  5. I’m glad you’re so happy with your choice of Brittany. We’ve chosen North Devon for our holiday /future retirement home, and I have the same feeling of the skies being bigger when I’m there. Perhaps its the release from the everyday with time to take walks and really appreciate our surroundings that makes our holidays so special? Taking a walk along Baggy Point with the sea on one side and hills on the other certainly blows the cobwebs away!


  6. What a beautiful day you are having. Though, I have yet to visit your countries, I am impressed with the recycling in the many European areas I have visited. While staying an extended time in the Netherlands with my brother, it was a fun experience visiting the recycle bin. Almost daily there were a few pretty and or functional glass items left out to share. My brother being military and transient decorated his home with many of these treasures. Sadly, recycling is not as strongly or equally encourage in the USA. We are getting better and many areas are wonderful, but I live in an area where recycling bins are hard to find and locked up but for certain, inconvenient hours.


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