Walkies in Huelgoat


Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve been hard at more of the same. I’ve moved logs, now I’ve moved and stacked half of them. DB  has assembled more kitchen cabinets and I’ve served up three home cooked meals today. I’m aching today and I’m liberally coated in menthol rub just about every where it hurts!

We walked the woofers and I took photos of some derelict houses. The locals don’t want the work so they get bought by brits who renovate them. The estate agent told us that the locals like to buy them once someone else has done the work.

After the work we’ve done, I don’t blame them.

We met our neighbours today, other brits with a holiday home that hope to retire there one day.

We found the cinema such a tiny town but thriving in so many ways.

We’ve not got out at all yet as we’re sticking to a tight budget. We downloaded progammes and films from i-player, had magazines and books downloaded from the library and books from home. We also get out and walk every day.

Plus, we’re tired each evening

Until tomorrow 

Love Froogs 


3 thoughts on “Walkies in Huelgoat

  1. What a tragedy to leave such beautiful properties to become derelict. Imagine the cost if they were in the UK!! I live in a cheap area of the UK but even a barn in our area ready for doing up would cost in excess of £200,000.


  2. A mix of emotions. Such potential beauty in properties being left to decay is so sad. I am so thankful you and db have seen and taken the opportunity to take care of one of these gems.


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