Renovating our house

Hello Dear Reader,

Blogging on my phone tonight as my rural location has very patchy 3G.

DB has been assembling kitchen units whilst my job has been to move logs. The garden is relatively big and I’ve had to move the logs in stages. I had to wheel them up the garden to the side of the house and then, when the pile was big enough, get DB to help me to get the cart up the granite steps so I could fill the cart again and wheel it to the shed.

I’ve barely made a dent in one pile!

If you go to the Frugal Queen community page on Facebook you can watch my time lapse of my efforts! Also, the rain showers, with rain drops the size of sausages, meant I retreated inside.

I hope I’m burning a few calories!

I’ll upload some more if the internet improves.

If you can’t see the pictures, it’s because of my location and I’ll rectify matters as soon as I can xxxxx

Love Froogs 



5 thoughts on “Renovating our house

  1. Really interested in your journey. Would you mind explains how we get to the Frugal Queen community page on Facebook? I found you (Frugal Queen) but not the community page.

    Enjoy your time in Huelgoat


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