A day out in Huelgoat 

Hello Dear Reader,

Sunrise over Huelgoat to show we were up early. Friends staying in La Forêt-Fousenant came to see us today. We really should be working on the house but we’re also trying to balance this with downtime.


Here we are at Le Chaos at the entrance to Huelgoat forest. I love the reaction when people see it for the first time.

The stones are massive and you crawl through them to get to the forest.

It was cold and there was a keen breeze. I still love a good walk. We went back to the house for a shared lunch. We’re all financially cautious and like to save money so eating at home was a good option. It was cosy with all of us squashed in the flat but we still had a great day.


The dogs have had another day of extra walkies and they’re totally worn out. Tomorrow, we have to get on with working on the house. We’ve got a kitchen to build!

Being Brittany, we’re having a lot of weather! A huge storm last night and another has started tonight too.

Click on the link below to see a time lapse of our garden, rain, sun, rain…….

All seasons in one day


Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxx.


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