Making a house a home


Hello Dear Reader,

We’re settling in just fine thank you. We’ve unloaded more of the van, plumbed in the washing machine, moved the old kitchen units from the house upstairs into the flat, went to the supermarket and the dogs have had two walks. It’s really, really rained here and even though we’ve been home a while, I don’t feel either warm or dry yet. 
  Bobby dazzler and Dolly knockers are at home and have settled into a quilt on the sofa. They wouldn’t sleep in their own beds last night and ended in with us. I’ve got to mention the owls. In Cornwall, I hear the odd owl now and then, but here there are so many all hooting and talking to each other and very loudly. Scrub what I said about the quiet, the Owls round these parts are on steroids and really loud. I’m going to try and see them, any ideas? Powerful torch? 


Above, is my camp kitchen of mini oven and hot plate. It does just fine and we sat down to bacon and eggs and it was needed to take time to stop. A very lovely Dear Reader and her husband came to see us and thanks for the flowers, cake and biscuits. What a lovely treat and a break from house rearranging. We shared French experiences of the fun foibles and nuances. After something to eat we went for an amble around Huelgoat and were amazed at the houses that have been left to rot. Such a change from the UK where everything is worth something.


Here’s the view from the flat into the forest. A huge willow tree had branches on our roof and the tree was taken down. I can already see bluebells poking through, it’ll be a sea of blue soon.

Someone asked about Easter in France…….even less hype than Christmas. Shops open as normal, no crush, no crowds as folk round here shop daily. As normal, banks and shops are shut in our village on Monday even though it’s not a bank holiday. 

The sun is setting, I’m going to finish my wine and have a really early night.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


15 thoughts on “Making a house a home

  1. Lovely! Here I have seen owls in the early morning and late afternoon – both daylight. One actually flew past me very closely at about 4pm one day. I think they are out in the hours of day that are closest to night or at least sitting in trees then.


  2. The reason there are a lot of ruined houses is because of the French inheritance laws , often they are left to so many people that they cannot agree on a price for the house . Occasionally if the house is in a really bad state of repair the local council will demolish the house .


  3. It’s not very kind to shine a bright light at a creature with sensitive vision – especially night vision. I’d watch for them at dawn or early evening, or if you must use a light, use one with a red filter – even a piece of red cellophane over your torch is better than nothing – so neither you nor the owls or other creatures will be blinded.


  4. Oh you seem so settled already. I love this part of your blog, super interesting reading. Very exciting AND inspiring. I have an owl too. He’s not mine but he lives in our pine forest, have seen him once, in dim daylight hours, or twice, he is humongous! Happy days and much positivity to you both (and puppies).


  5. Looks so lovely Froogs. You’re doing a good job and it will so be worth it.

    Amazon do bulk packs of ear plugs of about 20 for £2.09 which are really good if you get desperate on your next trip.

    Enjoy the rest of your break. Emily x


  6. Sounds very satisfying and looks cosy. Getting my washing machine plumbed in after we moved made me ridiculously happy! HAVE FUN!!! X


  7. I am so glad you have settled in so well, I would pop and see you but you are about 3 hours from us, be very careful with your little dogs if you have owls as if they are the big sort they have been know to take the odd one off..take care and look forward to your next blog x


  8. Hi Froogs,
    I really enjoy reading your blog during my work breaks!
    I think there is really something about having your pets lazing about that makes a place homey.
    About the owls, I would say just sit outside at night to relax and listen to nature and keep your eyes open, maybe you will get lucky.
    I thought I’d mention—I saw a huge brown owl swoop out of a tree in my neighborhood, one night while walking my dog. It was as if I was watching a movie and someone had hit the mute button—absolutely no sound from the wings–I just happened to look up and saw it in motion. I read that owls have special feathers that are shaped in such a way that they don’t make the fluttering sound, like most birds’ wings.
    Have a great day!


  9. Very likely you will have less issues with mice if you have a healthy owl population 🙂 Hope you have fun on your holiday.
    Barb from Canada.


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