We’re here and we’re in!

Hello Dear Reader,

Quick hello as we’re in the middle of a muddle but don’t worry, it’ll all work out. 

The first thing that’s overwhelmed me is the dark and the quiet. I’ve got every light on when I became aware that there is no light at all outside. I watched the sun set behind the forest. 

I had a panic when I couldn’t find the teabags and mugs as we haven’t been able to unpack the entire van. We found them and it was well needed. 

DB is a total star and has assembled the sofa and is currently building our bed. Once it’s made, we’ll be asleep in minutes.

Oh, and I can’t find the big plates so we’ll have to eat in shifts off the small plates. All part of the fun of moving house.

The dogs were fine even though the ferry battled through a storm. It wasn’t the roughest crossing we’ve ever had but it was in the top five. 

So, we’ll eat, build the bed and walk the dogs by torchlight.

Pictures to follow. No internet yet and just phone updates for now.

Until tomorrow, 

Love Froogs xxxxx


10 thoughts on “We’re here and we’re in!

  1. Oh that Plymouth ~ Roscoff crossing is a killer in rough sees! I had my worst ever journey on that ferry. I truly felt it would never end 😦
    Glad you’re there and settling in. Have a wonderful time 🙂


  2. No matter how organized you something always happens. When we moved in November I had the things we would need the most ready to take in the car. While I wasn’t looking Hubby packed that stuff in boxes. Did you move all your things yourself.


  3. You will get used to the dark and quite. I moved to Crete 6 years ago, could believe the first few nights. Glad the dogs are ok after the journey. They will love it. Good luck finding all your bits and pieces, very exciting few weeks. Enjoy your break xx


  4. Glad the doggies crossed well. They are real troopers! Now you have daylight, I am sure you will find everything but that one box that is still sitting on the kitchen table! Can’t wait to see the pictures. Happy Easter.


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