And we’re off


Hello Dear Reader,

It’s all system go here. We’ve broken up from school and we’ve just over 24 hours to get our act together and get going. We’ll get the ferry at rude o’clock on Saturday morning and we’ll be there in time for a late lunch and by late afternoon we’ll be living the dream


Tonight, if Bobby Dazzler will get off my neck then I shall get the clothes washed, dried, ironed and packed. There’s lots of other packing to do so we have a little bit of everything we need. The dogs beds have been freshly laundered ready for them to sleep in the cab of the van on the crossing.

The hire van is outside and we just need to fill it up with kitchen and dining room furniture and lots and lots of boxes. We share the driving and I do most of the driving in France as DB co-drives and let’s me know if the road is clear. Look out for the reg. Number and give us a wave. 

Next time you hear from us, we’ll be in Huelgoat.

Love Froogs xxxxxx


19 thoughts on “And we’re off

  1. I am off to my french house renovation in normandy the second week of the hols. Here is to some french graft. Don’t work too hard!!


  2. Have been to Hulegoat in the past and remember it as a really super town/village. Spent several holidays in Brittany. Hope you have a great time and can get lots done as well as having a holiday. Ann x


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