All fluffy and ready


Hello Dear Reader,

Tonight, the dogs have been washed, dried, had a trim and been brushed in readiness for their travels. They have collars with id tags with the French address. Big dog, sadly isn’t coming with us but got a groom anyway. 

Tonight, I’ve just about managed to keep my eyes open and failing. 

I’m going to curl up with the fluffies.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


6 thoughts on “All fluffy and ready

  1. My sons spaniels have been washed, dried and now look fluffy! Naughty little bug***s. Oh, they do like a roll on dead badger!! The joys of living in the countryside but wouldn’t swap it!


  2. Jane, sorry to hear that big dog can’t go. I hope you have a lovely holiday. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of the flat with the new items installed. Here in the US, one week is the usual Easter break, but many school districts don’t call it “Easter” break anymore. It’s “spring” break and might be at a totally different time than the week after Easter. Safe travels!


  3. Aww , what a shame big dog can’t join you, I do hope he’s not more poorly 😦

    Have a good trip and a good Easter break, not that you’ll be taking it that easy I should imagine.


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