Lamb with leeks and mint

Hello Dear Reader,

This is a jazzed up twist on the humble Shepherd’s pie. It freezes well, cheap to make and made from British lamb which was on offer in the supermarket, I suppose, because it’s Easter. I was asked to write a post about the trend for simple home cooked food which is basically all I cook. I always buy British meat if I can and seasonal lamb is affordable at the moment. The slang for food like this is peasant food, all I can say is that home cooked food is always the best as you know exactly what’s in it. I also like to buy meat with the Britsh red tractor logo as I feel I’m supporting local farmers.

Firstly, sorry about the photo, food never looks good in artificial light and I cooked yesterday and well into the evening for the freezer. It might seem a bit daft to cook food to take away but we have a busy fortnight ahead of us. This will stop random supermarket purchases and I always think cooking in advance saves us loads of money. This will create four portions, which means I’ll cook and serve thus for lunch and plate up four meals and we’ll eat the same again for supper.

To make this you will need

400g minced lamb

2 leek, roughly diced and washed

2 carrots, washed and finely diced

Chicken stock

Mint sauce

Tin of haricot beans.
Heat a pan add the lamb and leeks, cook though until brown.

Add all the other ingredients and add just enough stock to cover.

Cook through for thirty minutes then allow to cool slightly.

Layer with buttery mash. Cook in the oven at 180 for twenty minutes.
It’s so simple but adding the mint and haricot beans just gives this a delicious twist.

Over to you, do you prefer cottage pie or shepherd’s pie? I love both.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs
Disclaimer  – I was provided with beef and lamb to try out some recipes. 


8 thoughts on “Lamb with leeks and mint

  1. Random grocery trips! Such a good point. We were away this week at our cabin and I did not plan well. We did not eat out or get take always but the grocery trips ate up my budget. Thanks for a light bulb moment!


  2. I cook ahead for weekends and weeks at the cabin. Salads for side dishes and things ready to toss in the crockpot or already marinated meat or burgers for a quick grill. Once we are there, who wants to head into town again?


  3. Looks nice! I’m a cottage pie gal myself as don’t like the taste of lamb but wondering whether it will be less noticeable as a pie. As you say it’s cheap at the moment so may give it a try and see if family notice. I add red lentils to pack mine out as well. Thanks for blog


  4. I often wonder if the problem with lamb is that people don’t like the taste, or something else? My mother never cooked lamb at our house, but when I got married, I learned that my husband liked it. I made it and discovered I like it too–although I am put off by the odor of it while cooking! When it’s on the plate–no problem. Now I wonder if others might be having the same problem, or if it’s just me? At any rate, it’s expensive here, so I save my lamb budget for summer and make loin chops on the grill. No better way to have it, as far as I’m concerned.


  5. I have just finished a full weeks pack up baking for the kids and the old man, nothing shop baught,no nasties, no unexpected sugars, just good basic and cheep


  6. Hadn’t thought about adding haricot beans, good idea to bulk it out! I shall be adding a cheap tin of baked beans (with the tomato sauce rinsed off) to my next cottage pie!


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