Before and after

Hello Dear Reader,

The remote controlled house renovations are carrying on without me. The trees are down and the garden has been tidied. Above is me walking through the over grown garden on our very first visit. It hadn’t been touched in years. Even then we could see the potential for a lovely home.

Eight trailer loads went to the dechetterie. The shrubs seem a little random now and we’ll dig them up and move them to the borders of the garden in the autumn. We’ll get that ugly hedge removed from the end of the garden; it’s contentious and complained about by the neighbours. It’s a very manicured street and I don’t want to be the scruffy garden on the block.

And here it is! You can clearly see the flat on the top floor where we’ll live whilst we’re renovating the house below. It’s already looking a lot better and you get a clear view of the forest behind the house. It will burst into green soon. 

We’ll be there in a week or so and the inside work will be down to DB with me assisting him. The fluffies are going to love running around the garden. Who knows, I might even get good enough weather to sit outside with a cup of tea and a book.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


16 thoughts on “Before and after

  1. How exciting for you!

    Can’t wait to see more before and after photos of the inside.

    I am currently planning a 5 week trip to France for next year. It’s a big thing for us, given the long haul flights. The planning is exciting. And I’m brushing up on my 30 year old high school French. Only did two years of it! Similar to yesterday’s post, I love learning something. Especially words, ideas and language. (Must be an English teacher thing. I’m one too.) For the moment I am using free resources from the local library and online but have looked into doing an evening course at a community college.


  2. OMG! The place looks amazing. Cant wait for your Easter posts! You’ve done so much in such a short time. Well jealous!!


  3. wow, it looks so much bigger than the first photos you ever took. You’re clever to have managed it so well from a distance. looking forward to the next set of photos. And yes, your dogs will be amazed!


  4. I’m over flowing with excitement for you both. You guys really deserve this after everything you do for us all. Thank you for sharing xx


  5. What a lovely space the garden is now. The dogs are going to love it!

    It’s so beautiful there that I would be tempted to live year-round in France. It’s a dream come true.


  6. Amazing transformation already, especially as you are having to do it from a distance! It’s looking great and I can already imagine you sitting out there in some spring sun 🙂


  7. It’s great to see your dreams come to fruition, I was looking through the archives and found your snippet on kitchen equipment,I over the years have gathered invaluable amount of kitchen favourites, one is my bread maker if I cannot get out into town to do the shopping,it can do so much , pizza,bread of course,jam and cakes.
    Investing is a good thing and my bread machine is one of them.
    Love xxxxx


  8. It’s looking really good, the dogs are going to love that garden. Is it secure enough for them to be allowed out whenever they want?

    It’s the best bit about blogging isn’t it taking the photos as you move through renovations so you get to see just how much hard work you (and a few other folk) have put into a project. I’m so glad we did that for each of our last three properties, but especially for this one our own place.


  9. This is amazing! I really wish you had your own tv show- can you please contact Kevin McCloud? Can’t wait to see that garden transformed.Will you plant fruit trees and a vege patch?


  10. What a transformation! Amazing to see the house in all its glory. The neighbours must be so glad to see it ‘coming back to life’. Enjoy the Easter break.


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