Tonight, I am mainly….

Hello Dear Reader,

Just in case you wonder what I get up to in the evenings, I’m currently studying. It’s interesting and keeps me busy. It’s work related so that’s as much as is appropriate to tell you. 

I forget sometimes that I love learning and this mid term foray has really enthused me to do more.

Over to you, what do you live about learning? What skill or knowledge would you like to acquire?

I’m back to research papers and writing.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


12 thoughts on “Tonight, I am mainly….

  1. Hello,

    I also love learning, and finished a degree as an adult. But since retiring, I’ve been doing genealogy, and studing history. I’ve discovered I’m one part Cherokee, big part Scottish, and another big part English. It’s been quite fun learning about ancestors and the history behind why they moved to America in the 1600s.

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  2. I’m loving learning to play the piano better. I’m 53 and have played since I was about 8 but I got a really great new piano for my anniversary gift in February. Have so enjoyed it! I also love to learn about history. We are planning a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park in June so have been researching it. Many blessings!


    • I love traveling and researching the area we will be visiting. My family thinks I am so clever with my little tidbits of knowledge. LOL


  3. I love learning and finding out about new things. My mom always called me the “Why?” child. She said she taught me to read before I started school at age 5 so I could look up my own answers and give her some peace! I have a continuing education requirement for my work, to maintain a professional license. I do a combination of online and in person continuing ed.


  4. I love learning and like you am always learning more in my profession (law) and have been on a super sharp learning curve in the last few weeks during trial prep. I will ever tire of learning more about gardening, history and cooking. I am insanely curious. When I was a kid and wanted to know what a word meant my parents always told me to look it up in a dictionary. I remember so many of those words to this day and my favourite was bucolic. Good luck with your study.


  5. I do a lot of continuing education for work (medical/technology)…it’s always interesting and leads to more questions about trauma, pathology and diseases…on the home front I’d like to learn machine quilting for my small quilts…but I have no patience for it…I can hand stitch for eternity…after reading your blog and a few others I’ve taken an interest in reading about Great Britian…


  6. Hello ! I know its not post related but I could not find a contact me option. I was searching for lidl mini oven reviews and I found your blog and read like every recipe you made inside. But I never really got to learn what size pan can you fit inside ? I think you have the 15 litres one right ? Thank you and sorry to bother.


  7. Yep, I love learning, although mine is not in a certification way, just about the things we do and need to do in the future. I like to immerse myself into books and pick up tips and then immediately put them into practice to see if they actually work.

    I don’t like learning just for learnings sake, like you are sometimes made to do at school, I feel a real need to learn about every aspect of how and why things work and how to do things better.


  8. Hi Froogs , I too like to learn. With you living between France and the UK I was just wondering what level your French is? When where and how did you learn? How you intend to continue to improve and learn. Could you write a blog about it? Sorry about all the questions but I m very interested. X


  9. I love learning and after finishing my certificate in business and degree in marketing have gone on to study Insurance for my former industry.

    We are lucky as our community schools open their doors for adult education in the evenings and I have studied, art, interior design, woodwork, DIY, patchwork and colour me beautiful as well as 10 weeks in French, Spanish & Italian.

    I also love coursera and have done free online courses in psychology, social psychology and nutrition.

    However, there is so much more I would love to learn and on my soc. psy. Course there was a 90 year old lady with an Apple Mac doing the same course as me, she was looking for advice from us as she was a little unsure how to convert her document into a PDF file!!

    My aunt learned how to swim at 68, my mum did the ecdl at 70 and now in her late 70s is learning Spanish using duo lingo and loves it.

    You learn something new every day. I hope to continue learning every day too.


  10. I’m doing a MA SEN for my own professional development. I enjoy learning new things and the course I’m doing is really useful for my work, but I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment and wondering what on earth am I doing. I didn’t need to make my life quite so busy!


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