I’m cheap and lazy! 

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve almost gone off cooking this week. I’m just assembling the easiest food. I’ve just steamed veggies, thrown in a pot of passata and some cooked gluten free pasta, 100g of wafer thin ham at 35p, 100g of beetroot and 10g of salad cream and a few tomatoes. Also, under 300 calories and very little washing up and certainly no cooking. (I weigh as I’m watching my calories – lunch was 330)

I am going to push the boat out later, I picked up a four bird roast from Aldi for £5.99 and we’ll have a roast tonight, tomorrow night and then cold roast turkey/duck/goose/chicken with what ever I can cobble together for a few days. It’ll probably go into a risotto, or a pie. – scrap that, plated the lot up and it will be ‘ready meals’ for the next two days and work lunches too. Lazy but cheap as those meals are mainly cheap local veggies.

One of the nearby trees was damaged in the storm and we asked the owner I’ve we could have it, a tree surgeon is taking it down and logging it for us for £80, eucalyptus which will burn well after seasoning. We drove out today and trees have been felled here there and everywhere and people are helping themselves to the piles at the side of the road. It makes it cheaper for the council and people get some free fire wood.

The weather has definitely improved and it’s been a delight to dry all the laundry outside.

On a negative note, dog crate training isn’t going too well. Our big bichon gets so anxious that he pees in his crate when we leave him alone in it. We’ll talk to the vet but I think he might have to be sedated when we travel on the ferry. It doesn’t bode well. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Added later, he’s fine in his crate if we’re here he just gets distressed when we’re not here. We keep putting him in his crate and give him a treat when he’s in there.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


19 thoughts on “I’m cheap and lazy! 

  1. Oh poor doggy, Ours would never go in a cage but our vet gave us a tablet for her to sedate her and she was ok but she also suffered from sea sickness too which didn’t help, your salad looks so nice I could eat that now but we are having Roast beef and all the trimmings, not sure if you follow this blog http://jennyandjohninbrittany.blogspot.fr/ but it is a very useful blog and they are in Huelgoat too, happy Sunday x


  2. You should try giving your puppy one tablet of benadryl about 45 minutes before you leave and covering the crates with a blanket so that no light can get in. This works marvelously for our bichon who not only throws up in the crate but also pees….


  3. I wrote a detailed suggestion about crate training, but then had to log in to WordPress (thought I was already logged in) and the comment disappeared…have to run but will check back later to see if it miraculously reappears…


  4. You can give dogs homeopathic tablets and there are some good ones for calming down and anxiousness. Also good for humans too.


  5. Sorry know not much about dogs but our cat used to be sedated with tabs from vet for her journeys to/from Devon in a cat carrier. Only prob was that they worked well but she used to poo in her deep sleep and needed a bath on arrival.


  6. Can’t help with the crate training – never managed it myself. We ended up buying a motor home so we could travel with three dogs (lol!) But did you know, there are some ferry companies that offer dog friendly cabins?


  7. Nothing to help with dogs, but do be careful with the eucalyptus, the oil is so flammable! Extra seasoning! Your dinners look so good, I envy you your creativity with food, I seem to have a hard time breaking out of a rut very often!


  8. The dog crates need to be very well ventilated with openings that no one can shut. When they bark dogs use a lot of energy; I’ve known of a tragic outcome for a dog that had the air vents closed by someone on a ferry. Hope this helps.


  9. Froogs, I’m with you on the cheap and easy! I want to cook as little as possible these days. I made a big pot of tomato mushroom soup over the weekend and the only thing I had to chop was the onions! I hope the poor wee doggie can get over his upset.


  10. my friend was leaving the uk to live in France and were taking their Rotweiler with them their vet advised `Kalms for a couple of weeks before departure.


  11. We always used a few drops of Rescue Remedy on our greyhound, who suffered from dreadful anxiety when we first had him and it seemed to work brilliantly. Your plates of roast look really delicious as well!


  12. Have you tried Adaptil. You can get it from the vets or at Pets at Home and on Amazon. You can get plug in diffusers for in the house, but it also comes in a spray that you can spray onto the bedding 20 minutes before the dog goes into the crate, and in tablet form and as a collar, it soothes any anxiety.



  13. Have you tried leaving the radio on. You perhaps can’t leave the car radio on but perhaps a small one that you could put on when you leave the car? Sometimes it is just the thought that people are there that is the important thing/or the noise! Our puppy hated the car initially, most journeys met with howling ! We just kept on doing it again and again and eventually it becomes second nature. Good luck!


  14. The Adaptil apheasing pheromone works very well and the collar lasts a month so you could pop it on your dog a couple of weeks before travel use alongside the spray. I suggest speaking to your vet as they sell these. Also I have used the Bach Rescue Remedy drops in my digs drinking water at times of stress. X I hope you manage to find something that works for you x x


  15. I used to have an anxious cat. I would put my bath towel from the morning in the crate and that helped. Another cat I had to medicate, because she just could not calm down.

    I rarely use a crate with dogs, I would try giving a nice long walk and getting the dog really tired before coaxing him into the crate with treats and his favorite toy. Then maybe he would fall asleep in there and realize the crate wasn’t so bad.

    Fingers crossed.


  16. Both try wearing jumper over few days n pop it in with your dog. My sisters tried it when she went on holiday as her dog used to pine for them. Worked a treat.


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