Housework hack

Hello Dear Reader,

Quick morning blogette.

I clean my woodburner window with a damp micro fibre cloth which I dip in wood ash. I then clean the window with added elbow grease and buff with scrunched up newspaper.

Cleaned without any chemicals and cheap as you can get.

Froogs xxxx


9 thoughts on “Housework hack

    • I found you again – feels so wonderful that I have started to reread all the archives again – probably for the fourth time. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration X


  1. We use scrunched up paper splashed with water and dipped in ash to rub the window and then just polish up with another scrunched up bit of newspaper. Both bits go in the fire and are burnt – no mess or waste and cleans it very well.


  2. W e have a wood stove but I have never thought to use the wood ash to clean the glass. Excellent idea and one that I will be trying out. I do use vinegar and water mix for windows and glass and it works a treat. I would also recommend a steams cleaner. Ok it uses electric but it is chemical free. We have a large Airedale dog who likes to bring lots of muck home and deposit it on the floors.


  3. When we first had a back boiler (and central heating downstairs-) with a glass fronted solid fuel Rayburn fire when I was a kid, it was cleaned every day with the ash that had been riddled into the tray beneath. It just worked but a mucky job.


  4. Love the new design to the blog.

    I’ll have to try this method for cleaning the glass on our wood pellet stove. Wood ashes & water is how our ancestors made lye soap, after all. Great idea. 🙂


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