The sun sets on another thrifty week

Hello Dear Reader,

One success and one fail. Totally failed on reaching 10,000 steps a day and I ate the right food in the right amounts for five out of the six days. Lost 3lbs, but first weeks are always good.

Moving swiftly onto the successes. We had wood delivered last Sunday and got it stacked away. That’s all the heating and laundry drying paid for right into next winter. We should start getting warmer weather soon. We’ve wrangled a few pallets from the industrial estate to chop down into kindling.

We had a few too many logs that are a bit big so we’ve bagged them up in readiness to take them to Huelgoat to keep us warm when we get there. We’ll also chop up some bags of kindling to take with us. It’s sounds like a petty saving but a bag of kindling can cost £3 and we’d get through £1 of kindling a day. That’ll add up!

As the sun goes down on another lovely week it’s been a no spend week other than fuel for the car and Lidl for basic top up shop and money has stayed in the bank!

We have to start packing this weekend as its two weeks before we go back to Huelgoat. I hope you’re there in spirit with me.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Love Froogs xxxx


20 thoughts on “The sun sets on another thrifty week

  1. Hi Froogs – been reading your v interesting blog for a long time. So exciting to hear you are off to France soon and to read and see your conversion plans. I do hope you manage to take some time off to relax and hope weather/travel all goes well.


  2. Frugal queen, I’m excited for your move to France. Are you planning on planting any fruit trees in your back yard? I heard they really grow well in that weather.


  3. Hi Froogs,

    I also don’t pay for kindling, as you say the cost may seem small but it adds up. I collect small eucalyptus branches and twigs throughout the year when I’m walking the dogs, and also pine cones at various times of the year. For firestarters I save all of our used toilet rolls – you fold 4 or 5 length wise and stuff them into an empty roll. I’ve also started saving lemons after I’ve juiced them, and drying them out – I got that tip from Christina Strutt’s book on natural house keeping and am keen to see how they go when the weather cools down.



  4. So,so happy, happened on your natterings two years ago, when I was fed up, worn down and spending money like a madwomen. I had a wish, to be out of debt, have some money behind us, a small manageable mortgage. My knight in shining armour turned out to be Froogs. Slowly I followed her suggestions and ideas. Away went the overdraft, in came savings, very small to start with, as the year ticked round, money was available to pay bills, in full and on time. Christmas arrived with No January headache and tears of frustration, by the end of year two, we had no credit cards, but had remodelled our small home, whilst paying down the mortgage. And yesterday, we allowed ourselves a glass of wine, a cuddle and a few tears as we made the last mortgage payment. I have made the decision to drastically cut down my working hours to spend more time with older parents and new grandchildren. All the hard work has been worth it. So to those of you working towards it, take heart, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just off to the library to get a few books to help redesign the garden, on a budget, of course.


  5. Hi there,

    I found your blog a couple of years ago and since then have read all your posts going right back to the beginning.

    Love the new format and it’s so nice to be able to comment instead of just being a lurker.

    Would it be possible for you to add the list of the blogs you enjoy that used to be on your previous posts? I didn’t bookmark them, just used the links from your blog.

    Thank you


  6. Just wondering, do you have any restrictions about moving firewood? Here in the US there have been increased restrictions in some areas to reduce the introduction or spread of insects and plant diseases.


  7. I admire your grit and ability to stick to your plans. I did well this week until I hit the quilt store and booked two classes and bought some fat quarters.


  8. Hi there,

    I found your blog a few years ago, went back to the beginning and read every entry. I would like to say how much I admire your determination and the way you tackle any obstacle that cones along.

    Would it be possible to show the list of blogs that used to be on your site? I didn’t bookmark them all, just followed your links.



  9. Hi Chris,

    Like you I’ve been a follower for years and have started to read frugal queens blogs from the start again as a weekend treat. So inspiring.

    Just below these comments are a list of archived blogs which I find useful. My fav is probably the cleaning routine one 12th Feb 2013.



  10. So good to see you on WordPress. I often wanted to comment but couldn’t on the other thing. I follow your blog with interest as although we are solvent our son is not and I would love for him and his partner to get a handle on their finances. There is something strangely joyful about living lightly and within your means.


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