Reverse Advent

Hello Dear Reader,

This advent I’m taking part in #streetbanks ‘s campaign that people take time over advent and give one thing away every day. Whether that’s to a family member, a friend, colleague, neighbour really doesn’t matter. The point is about Giving something away is great as there are so many ways to do this, even if it’s just once. Streetbank suggest taking in biscuits to share, buying someone a coffee or finding things in your home that you don’t need or want and donate them to charity.

I’m going to try and be as creative as possible and give away things from around my house that I just don’t want. You will have to wait and see what I do and how I do it.

My first – I have several Klimt pictures, mainly bought cheaply and they suited my old house with the its big rooms but they don’t suit a little cottage. Here’s my first giveaway a large picture and it’s going to the British Heart Foundation shop in Plymouth where they sell home items such as furniture, pictures and home appliances. I hope it raises a few quid.

23 more giveaways to go.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


16 thoughts on “Reverse Advent

  1. O've jumped on board and I decided to start right away last weekend and filled and donated 2 boxes. I spent the day after Thanksgiving filling 5 FIVE more boxes. With every box I fill I feel so much lighter freer and happier! I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE!


  2. Love this! Am deciding on my first item to give on Monday…Tuesday is easy…local animal shelter is having an event soon and needs antiques, collectibles and jewelry to sell…I have a large basket of items to drop off on the way to work…


  3. What a good idea! Lots of charities make most of their money and take in most of their donations at a couple of times of the year and Christmas is one of them. A lot of people will be helped by us cleaning out a little! Awesome!


  4. This is a great idea. I have just bagged up some books and toys for my local Barnardo's shop, so I'll take them there today. I started a big de-cluttering yesterday so I have quite a few bits to donate over Advent. This will be a great pre Christmas activity and benefits others too xx


  5. I am giving away frantically – moving to a house two thirds the size in January- realising that much of this Stuff could benefit others. The Scouts got 3 boxes on Saturday. Itis liberating for me, and a blessing for them.


  6. I'm doing the same, thanks to the link you put up a few days ago. I doubt most of mine will be anything as glamorous as your picture but it all help others AND declutters my house in the process. I want to live lighter on this earth with each passing year and my aim is for minimal sorting for my children when I depart this mortal coil. 🙂


  7. I started last week. We spent a few hours sorting through stuff in the spare room, we've made a tiny hole in the piles of stuff accumulated over more than thirty years in the same house! Told son he has until next weekend to come and sort through his things, whatever he hasn't taken by next Monday is getting charity shopped! He moved into his own house (which is slightly larger than our cottage) over a year ago, but left all his non essential stuff here! I found curtains, still in the wrapping, never opened, which I don't even remember buying, how did I do that? I'm going to spend another hour in there this afternoon, being able to get to the window without having to climb over and through things is a real treat!


  8. Thanks for sharing. I shall diarise it for next year as I've just had a clear out via the charity shops, freecycle and the local animal rescue centre. What a positive thing to do. I've just been a marshal at our local Santa run which raises funds for our hospice. Really buoyed me up.


  9. I love this idea though initially I misread it a bit at the start and thought you said giving away family members, friends or colleagues. Once I'd re-read and realised my mistake it did make me laugh as there are a good few family I'd give away but the friends I'd certainly never give away.


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