Cheats meatballs

Hello Dear Reader,

I went to and from work by train today. The low lying farmland either side of the train was water logged; the water courses and rivers had burst their banks and the brown murky water flooded the valleys. We’re due another storm, high seas, high tides, heavy rain and yet more floods. Worse is yet to come. With weather like this, we need all the warmth a hot meal meal can comfort us with.

These are officially the world’s easiest meatballs.

To make them, you will need:

3 sausages with the skin removed 99p
250g of minced beef 1.00 
1 onion, finely chopped (mine were not chopped finely enough but I was too hungry to care!) 4p
3 tablespoons of instant gravy.5p

1. Heat the oven to 180.
2. Mix the sausage meat, mince and onions.
3. Squish together with your hands until well mixed.
4. Form into small balls (they cook more quickly)
5. Cook for half an hour.
6. Make the gravy as directed.
7. Pour onto meatballs.
8. Return to the oven for ten minutes.

I purposefully cooked more cabbage and mash than required. I now have enough to make into bubble and squeak for breakfast in the morning.

 I poured the gravy over the meatballs to soak up some of the fat and meat juices. The whole meal was unctuous and bone warming. Steamed savoy cabbage and hot buttery mash completed the entire supper.

Over to you Dear Reader, who else has adverse weather? Who else needs to eat wholesome and hearty food to get through one cold wet day after the next? I see that the weather has drastically cooled in Australia and that parts of America are still soooooo cold! Here, it’s just wet!

Whatever the weather, you’ve got to try these meatballs!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


22 thoughts on “Cheats meatballs

  1. With rain coming down in stair rods today we had beef stew to which I added a 25p can of Sainsbury's basics bitter for extra flavour. I also made a pan of cornbread that soaked up the beery gravy. A sheet of pastry festering at the back of the fridge became treacle & coconut tart. Comfort food is such a morale booster in this dreadful weather.


  2. Beef stew for me too….used up all the past their best bits of veg:- lost crunch celery, starting to sprout spuds, very tired carrots, 50p for 4 leaks, wrinkled chilli, onions, garlic and some dog earred tough old steak…cooked slow and low came out bloody lovely…. Just what I needed to face another cold night shift.


  3. They say misery loves company and it looks like there is enough bad weather going around the planet right now. We were down to 0 degrees F yesterday morning in NC and our well pump froze up! Ugh! Now all the snow and ice are starting to melt and everything is a muddy mess!
    I plan to make this meal on Monday night as we are about to be hit by bad weather again! Froogs, thanks again for coming to the rescue!


  4. It's still hot here in Adelaide, going to be in the 40's again for a few more days. I am so tired of eating cold meat and salads. It's too hot to even contemplate using the oven, at the moment I'm using a convection oven on the deck outside to keep the house a bit cooler.


  5. Unfortunately Froogs in our part of Australia it has not cooled & we are in the middle of 40 deg week. I just checked the forecast this morning & we have 40 until Tuesday, then 34 & finally 31 on Wednesday, I am getting a bit tired of salads & look at the meals you are cooking & drool!! The 1 good thing is I have sun dried some tomatoes & they look good. Keep warm & dry!


  6. Home made veg soup (veg from my dad's allotment) and thick slices of bread, still warm from the bread maker for us today.
    Have a great weekend. Surely the rain must stop soon. X


  7. Please, please, please tell me which parts of Australia are drastically cooler. I want to go there! I'm in Adelaide and today it will be 42degrees (that's 107F)!!! There will be no cooking here today, just cold meats and salads. Putting on the oven just makes the house unbearable – we are hunkering down with the air conditioner chugging away, the blinds closed and everyone flopping around with no energy.


  8. Please, please, please tell me which parts of Australia are drastically cooler. I want to go there! I'm in Adelaide and it will be 42C (107F) here today! No cooking here – putting the oven on makes the house unbearable. We will be eating cold meats and salad with the air conditioner chugging away, the blinds all closed and everyone flopping around with no energy.


  9. We have enjoyed the most beautiful winter this year. One week of very low temps in the middle of December and that is about it. No rain or storms to speak of. We are in western Washington on the west coast and all the bitterly cold weather has stayed on the other side of the Cascade mountains, which run though Washington, Oregon and California. The range divides those three states down the middle. It's almost like we have had no weather at all. Knock on wood. I hope your bad weather will pass quickly and leave you all to dry.
    Tana xoxo


  10. Those meatballs look so good! I had pasta with peas this evening. I'm in the US Midwest and even though the weather has warmed up some, we're supposed to get nearly 10 inches of snow by tomorrow evening. My treat for tomorrow will be a favorite store brand $4 rising crust pepperoni pizza. I've been working such long hours that I don't feel like cooking much, especially since it's just me. I filed my federal and state income tax returns online, did my payday shopping, and will stay in for at least the next 24 hours due to the weather. I've got plenty of things to read and some letters to write, so I'm happy as a clam. I'll have a nice long sleep, too.

    We just had the third snowiest winter on record since records have been kept in the 1880s. It was very, very cold as well. But by keeping my heat on low, I had an extremely reasonable gas bill.


  11. Terrible rain here, no doubt the flood waters will be inching nearer again, lots of home made soup being made here, broccoli & stilton & minestrone is great for using up leftover veg, this time I added half a tin of baked beans that were left over from a previous meal.


  12. Just about anything that requires the oven is comfort food these days, the weather has been so cold – it just feels wonderful to pull something hot out of the oven, not to mention I'm much more likely to spend quality time in the kitchen if the oven is on! Stay dry!


  13. Cumbria seems to have escaped the worst of the flooding up to now this year, it's been very windy and rained every day, but no prolonged downpour. Biggest damage was last month with storm gales and high tides, a lot of coastal damage.

    Slow cooker boiled gammon and the stock for lentil soup with dumplings keeps the worst of the cold out.


  14. It's been very cold here in Tennessee in the states and we've had snow and ice this week. We've been out of school 3.5 days as a result. Dinners have been meatloaf, chili, pork roast, all good and warm dishes to keep us warm. 🙂


  15. We're still waiting for the Winter here in Paris. In a sense it's nice but it also leaves us with a strange feeling of something not going straight. I think we do need proper seasons to feel reassured and at one with Nature. Those floods are horrid and in some parts of France, people have suffered terribly from them. Lovely, lovely meal by the way ! I'm always afraid of eating cabbage and of its side-effects though ….


  16. It had cooled drastically here in Australia but it is back up again. 38 degrees Celsius today and 41 tomorrow.

    I love your cheats meatballs. My husband has them similar but without the sausage meat and I also add chilli flakes for him. I will do them like yours next time.


  17. We have done very well here in West Norfolk, Froogs, though they had bad floods on the North Norfolk coast earlier. Today (1st Feb) the sun is shining brightly but the wind is blowing a hooley. Thosemeatballs sound great – I make instant gravy too, and finish my meat balls off under gravy in the oven. Have never used sausage meat with the mince though – I guess it gives a moister and smoother consistency. Will be trying this with my next batch!


  18. I do something very similar but with Quorn sausages for me and obviously no mince, just some finely chopped peppers or grated carrot instead, works fine, of course Lovely Hubby's are just like yours and rather brilliantly Bisto instant granules ARE vegetarian even though they taste totally beefy so it can be poured over both portions 🙂


  19. I have just made these meatball for dinner tonight in a very cold and blustery Weston Super Mare. They were delicious, I made double and we've got them again tomorrow night, can't wait! I find your recipes so easy to follow and everything is always delicious. Look forward to tomorrow's blog installment x


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