Beef in Beer with wholegrain mustard croutons.

Hello Dear Reader,

If I were Worzel Gummage then I would say I’ve got my cooking head on. Some days, I just can’t be bothered and then I go through weeks when I’m Mrs Patmore. Well this is definitely a dish Mrs Patmore would rustle up only she would call it Carbonnade de Boeuf. The recipe, which originate in Belgium called for a dark Belgian beer but we had a lonely bottle of Tribute lurking from Christmas. I think any beer would do so long as it isn’t lager but a hoppy malty beer and I think this would work best with a can of Guinness. 

Here’s the recipe – serves 4 and we’ll have ding-cuisine for lunch tomorrow.

400g of stewing steak – £1.70 – local butchers where I buy this in 2.35 kilo bags for £10.
4 carrots – 12p – sliced
1 leek – sliced – 20p
1 onion – finely diced – 4p
1 bottle of beer – 99p
stock cube
2 bread rolls – 20p (I pay more for gluten free)
wholegrain mustard
grated cheese – any strong cheese will do.- 30p
Gravy thickening – optional
Serve with half a bag of mixed frozen veg – stretch this with mashed potatoes or rice to go that bit further for bigger families. 

total – £3.55 – 89p per person. 

Before you go to work, everything except the bread, mustard and cheese into a slow cooker, add water if not covered. Switch on and go to work.

When you get home, heat the oven to a high setting or the grill and transfer the beery casserole to an oven proof dish.

Coat the bread slices with wholegrain mustard. Arrange them on top of the casserole with the mustard facing upwards. Sprinkle with cheese. I used Parmegiano as it goes a long way. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Whilst dinner was cooking, I quickly and simply laid the table. We always eat here, chatting and putting the world to right.

Here’s the finished result with the crusty, tasty cheesy croutons. 

Another angle.

 And the close up.

Over to you Dear Reader, who else has Mrs Patmore days? Some days, I can barely open a packet and it will something from the freezer that’s just ready and to hand. Who else has Letitia Cropley days? That translates into days when you are a decent cook and days when you can burn water…….that’s me!

I’m quilting tonight so this is a short and sweet post.

St Austell Brewery did not give me the beer, but if they want to then email me and I will come and collect it!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxxxxxx


20 thoughts on “Beef in Beer with wholegrain mustard croutons.

  1. Froogs we always have some low alcohol lager type beer in the fridge and I use it in my stews all the time. I have to agree I have fits and spurts about cooking. Our kitchen is small. Everyone wants different meals. At times, like now in a slight summer heatwave, I do not want to cook.

    Loved the cheery table too.


  2. It took me years and years to realise that sometimes I go off cooking, and other times I have to stop myself because the freezer is full. So now when the cooking bug takes me I fill the freezer and when I'm not in the cooking mood I have my own 'ready' meals in the freezer. And I have stopped feeling guilty about those 'I don't want to cook' days because I use the fruits of my labours from the freezer.


  3. Love these recipes for stews and casseroles, brilliant idea re; the bread with mustard and cheese on top of the stew, can't wait for our winter season to try this, our Oz weather's a bit warm for this right now. Thanks Froogs. x


  4. I love eating at the table with hubby and the children, we chat about our goings on during the day and the TV is off! I so can't be bothered cooking at the minute so we've been eating from the freezer apart from tonight hubby treated us to some chinese (it was his payday!!). It was lovely to not have to cook and whilst it was tasty I'm glad its only a treat. I used Newcastle Brown Ale in my last stew and it was delicious. The bottle was huge so I have half a bottle froze for the next time. I found some beef burgers lurking at the back of the freezer so think these with some baps, onions, cheese and a few oven chips tomorrow night will be easy peasy!! Loving all your recent recipes – thank you x


  5. Also wanted to mention to anyone this might be useful to: I switched bank accounts yesterday from Ulster Bank to Halifax because 1. they give you £100 for doing so and 2. £5 per month when you stay in credit! £60 per year to bank with them?? I think thats a good result! 🙂


  6. I like to spend a day in the kitchen and cook mountains of food, then it leaves me with time for sewing and walking other days, plus I find that there are fewer leftovers when batch cooking. I have been known to pop into my local pub at opening time and beg the pull through from the real ale pumps for cooking. It only goes down the sink.


  7. We had beef stew from the slow cooker tonight. It was just the thing to eat as we are being hit by a snow storm in Western NC and it is currently 23 degrees F outside! Next time I will try this recipe Froogs. It sounds wonderful. Great idea to use mustard on the croutons too.
    I also enjoy seeing your new home come together as well! Thanks for sharing snippets of your life with us!


  8. That looks delicious. Another recipe to go in my frugal meals folder . we are having toad in the hole tonight but I have diced beef in fridge. Just need to get the beer and have some homemade wholemeal bread so I can use that instead of rolls. I am trying to batch cook so I get some sewing Time. Happy quilting froogs x


  9. I ABSOLUTELY have a life like this. I tried for years to organise myself so I would be able to be enthusiastic about each thing at the right time, but `i just can't do it. I get into mode and it's great for a while, then, I'm wanting to sew something new will absorb me for days and I can hardly be bothered to cook or to do more than very basic housework. Then music will take over and my sewing room is abandoned. Then I'm into cooking and being very frugal (though I try to do this always) and organised….and so it goes on. I've given up worrying about it. It is much worse since I retired, but hey, who cares?? I must say this meal looks delicious and is probably easily one we would regularly have, though I'm in two minds about the beer.


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