Crusted porksteaks with braised red cabbage and leeky mash

Hello Dear Reader,

I haven’t bothered counting the calories today. I have a dripping nose and I ache. I just wanted homely comforting food and when I feel like this, some stove side pottering and the outcomes are just what I need.

Before I left for work, I shredded a red cabbage, peeled and sliced two Bramley Apples, peeled and sliced two red onions, added some vinegar, mixed spice and sugar and left for work. 

To coat the pork shoulder steaks, I dipped the steaks in egg and coated them with gluten free stuffing mix. It’s really expensive but I bought several packs from Approved Food.

For the ‘leeky mash’ I chopped one leek and one large potato and boiled them together and just mashed them. I added a knob of butter because it’s Friday, freezing and I need the calorie boost today.

Yes, that is the size of the butter! You can see from below that it’s a slim slice.

The pork shoulder steaks are much better value than pork loin chops, I think pork shoulder is a much better cut of meat and even though it’s cheaper, has much more flavour. After coating the chops, I had stuffing mix left and quickly boiled the kettle and mixed it up. I used the baking tray and cup cake papers to make individual stuffing balls. When they are cold, I will freeze them and be able to pull out just what we need if I want to have some stuffing with what ever we are eating.

Sorry for the vagueness of the instructions and poor photos. I’m off to bed with Lemsip and a hot husband. Both are the best cure for making me feel much much better! Colds need sweating out;)

Tomorrow is going to be another wet cold day so I’m locking myself away with a wooly jumper, thick socks and sew away the winter virus. What are you all up to this weekend?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxxx


19 thoughts on “Crusted porksteaks with braised red cabbage and leeky mash

  1. Hi Froogs,
    It has been over 40 degrees C every day this week here in Melbourne (Aus)… So we have only been doing what was necessary to get by. That means my weekend will be spent doing housework, laundry, etc.
    We have been living on salads and have used up everything in the fridge and freezer so a grocery store visit is also necessary!


  2. So sorry you are sick! We are two of a kind today, I too have a cold, ache, and am freezing. Here in Indiana it's snowing and wind is blowing. Woodstove and hot tea make things a bit better. I try to sew everyday, usually on my quilts. I've been making little 9 patch blocks with tea stained muslin of all various shades in the light places, and will set on point when I have enough blocks, alternating with the muslin. I was hoping to get to king sized, but it might end up being a queen. I love it that you enjoy quilting too! Feel better soon.


  3. get well soon. That dinner looks delicious. I will be taking Stephanie for swimming/diving lessons on Saturday before she goes to her Dad's. Then I think I will head to the gym before coming home to do school paperwork. Sunday I will do housework whilst waiting for the new washing machine to be delivered.


  4. Join the club! Son and I have had a gastric bug the last few days (shivering, weak and fatigue too) so we'll spend the weekend trying to take it easy. Saved a fortune on food though because most of the stuff we bought last week is still in the freezer. I've usually run out of bananas by Thursday but the fruit bowl is still full of them. I can see me having to make banana loaf at the start of next week. Anyway, pamper yourself and get well soon xx


  5. Take good care of yourself, froogs! You know what you need 🙂

    I spent hours today tackling a horrible cleaning job: moving the washer and dryer and cleaning under, behind, around. I had to move other furniture and a clothing rack first, to make space for the w/d to sit while I washed the dreadfully dusty wall behind…ugh, what a project! Now my back is aching intensely, but I can enjoy the satisfaction of a big job DONE.


  6. Hope you're feeling lots better soon. I'll be continuing on with mucking out the attic room so that I can have a sewing room. Sorting through lots of stuff and throwing out a lot of things. I'm wondering why I moved so much of it here in the first place! Dinner looks delish!


  7. Hope you feel well soon. I admire your perseverance in going to work, pre-preparing supper, using up leftover stuffing mix, and writing a post even though you feel poorly!!


  8. Gone to the beach. We can't all live there ! I'm like you, it takes me a lot to drag me away from work; I'm very British and not at all French in that way ! I would send you a kiss but i don't want to catch the germs ! 🙂


  9. Totally agree re the shoulder steaks, not only more flavour and CHEAPER!, but I don't know about you, but the loin chops are such solid lumps of meat that I find it hard to cook them to real tenderness, whereas the shoulder steaks with their bit of fat and less 'stolid' make up, just seem to cook into tenderness.
    I do hope you feel better soon, it looks like a bit of a grey weekend – certainly here in Norfolk, so bed and lemsip sound like a good idea – with or without the hot man! (But never turn down a good opportunity, say I!)


  10. Take care Froogs. Stuffing mix is a great standby in my household. I rarely use it to stuff a chook. Instead I use it to crumb and also to mix in rissoles and meatloaf.


  11. Thanks froogs, for spending the time to write this post when you least feel like it, and manage to make something so lovely to eat when feeling so poorly, I am going to try this cabbage recipe I tried to make something like it years ago after trying and my red cabbage was disgusting but this one will be a success I am sure.


  12. Regarding your red cabbage recipe Froogs, am I right in thinking you cook it in the slow cooker? If so how long for at what setting and do you add extra fluid please? Ps Hope you fell better soon – there are some nasty coldy/fluey bugs doing the rounds – my DH has been battling one for almost a fortnight – take care


  13. I hope you're feeling better by now.

    Your red cabbage recipe sounds and looks lovely, and thanks for the tip about putting stuffing balls in cup cake thingies for individual freezing , something I'll most definitely copy.


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