Steak Pie with suet pastry and Lemon sponge pudding

 Hello Dear Reader,

I’m a thrifty food blogger but I’m no chef. I cook and write about affordable family food that’s easy to cook and can be eaten by all the family. Our supper tonight was a typical evening meal that I would have given to my children. Feeding growing children is all about giving them tasty and wholesome food that they will eat.

I’ll start by sharing our steak pie. I made a suet pastry. It’s great if you, like me, are not good at making pastry. You will need 8oz of SR flour and 4oz of suet. If you can’t get suet and my American readers don’t seem able to get it, you can use dumpling mix so long as the ingredients state it has suet in it. When you make any pastry, you will need half fat to flour. I also added a pack of dumpling mix to the dry ingredients and stirred that through before I added chilled water to make the dough. There’s no rubbing in, just mix and add water.

I made the pie filling by chopping half a kilo of beef shin (meat off the bottom of the leg) with a diced onion, some salt and pepper and then covered it in water and cooked it for twelve hours in the slow cooker. I switched it on before I left for work and added gravy granules when I got home to thicken the sauce.

If you’ve never used suet pasty, then you will discover that it is not robust and you have to drape it over your rolling pin and place it carefully in your pie tin. I say tin because mine are enamels tins. 

Fill generously with the cooked meat. You could always use a tin of stew steak and add some cooked veggies and potatoes to pad this out or as a more affordable alternative.

Roll out your pastry top and glaze with beaten egg. Bake at 200 for 35 – 45 minutes depending on your oven.

Whilst the pie is cooking, you can get on and make a Lemon sponge pudding. Children love puddings and it fills them up so they don’t need anything more for the rest of the evening.

You will need
4oz SR Flour
4oz sugar
4oz butter or substitute
2 medium eggs

Place the lot in a bowl and beat together. I use an electric hand mixer.

Place three tablespoons of lemon curd in the bottom of a plastic pudding bowl and pour the cake mixture on top. Microwave on full heat for five minutes. If the sponge is cooked a sharp knife will come out clean.

You will also need custard! I am your fearless product tester and I can assure you that supermarket value instant custard is fine! As is the supermarket value lemon curd! The custard costs 15p and is enough for four.

I over did the lemon curd – but it makes a lovely lemony sauce when warm. 

The pudding dish does not need greasing as the sponge shrinks away from the sides.

Lemon sponge and lemon sauce – I added some lemon flavouring to the sponge but you could add lemon zest if you had any lemons.

Here’s the lemon sponge with custard – A winning combination! Whilst that was cooling, I took the pie out of the oven.

I wanted to show you how it over flows so you can see that it needs to stand on a baking tray or your oven will be full of gravy. I served ours with mixed veg (half a bag 99p from Aldi).

Steak pie with mixed veg. There’s no need for any potatoes as the pasty is all the starch you will need.

Here’s our dinner for tonight and tomorrow night. I know it’s not what’s on the plan but all the ingredients were in the house so I went off piste. Very simple home cooked food that my children used to love. Admittedly, a bit heavy on the carbs but we’ll compensate for that by not eating any at the weekend. 

Now Dear Reader, what food did you used to cook for your children that you still cook for yourselves now? Who else has a steamed pudding recipe? Try chocolate sponge with raspberry jam and custard tinned fruit, sponge and custard. As for pie, did your children have a favourite pie that you cooked them? My children loved fish pie the best or ‘eye, eye fishy pie’ as they called it. Over to you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Just to let you know – Frugal Mummy can be found at – – pop over and say hello to her and tell her I sent you.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxxxx


18 thoughts on “Steak Pie with suet pastry and Lemon sponge pudding

  1. Good solid family food. With all the protein in the meat pie you really don't need any more in the pud. Plenty of recipes for eggless sponge puds especially ww11 rationing ones. They come rise beautifully. If you don't have suet then keep block marg or butter if you are really flush and grate the amount you need. Even more frugally use half the quantity of fat and substitute with breadcrumbs, another wartime trick. And being my completely tightwad self if you are making pancakes served with lemon and sugar then finely grate the lemon rind into the pancake batter for really lemony lemon pancakes. Oh what a time of night to be talking about food. My tummy will rumble all night:)


  2. Pizza pie was always a favourite when my kids were small. Leftover chicken/turkey mixed with pasta sauce, whatever herbs we had on hand and leftover veggies. Packet pizza mix made into dough and divided into 1/3 and 2/3. Line a pie dish with 2/3 dough fill with pasta mix. Top with 1/3 dough usually latticed to make to dough stretch. Bake and enjoy.


  3. This looks great, but I have a question. If I choose to put potatoes in mine, would I cook them first, or just cut them up and put them in with the meat to cook? I appreciate your site so much. Just when I think you should be all out of ideas, you always come up with something else that helps me.


  4. I enjoy your no nonsense approach to food. You have inspired me to be more frugal with my cooking. My family favorite pie was chicken and bacon with a mash potato top. Left over chicken, bacon, sweet corn, chopped onion, tin of chicken soup topped with mash. Quick and easy and always enough left over for a second meal, especially if you serve it with loads of veggies. I have only just started blogging, so do take a look at mine. Any helpful comments will be gratefully received.


  5. Yum! It all looks great!

    My children liked and still do … Cottage pie and chicken pot pie best. They also would eat quiche when they were young if I called it egg pie…lol


  6. Yum!
    I've never made a suet pastry but think I'll have to give it a go very soon. Meat pie sounds perfect.
    I have my MIL's microwave jam pudding recipe that I make quite regularly. Might just have to try it with my homemade lemon curd! Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. When mine were young lamb shanks were a bout $1 each. Once a fortnight or so I would fill a baking tray to the max and they loved the meat. Now they are a very rare treat as they are about $4 each on a cheap day. My children still like me to cook a chocolate self saucing pudding that was egg free etc.


  8. Thanks for the simple food recipe, Froogs. I prefer food from cooks over chefs any day of the week. The latter is always over priced, not enough of it and drowning in fats. No thanks!
    Also, thanks for the heads up re Frugal Mummy. I was getting worried about her! 🙂


  9. you can buy vegetarian suet, but it tastes greasy and just horrible. I take a tip from Rose Elliot and use the same weight of frozen grated butter in the pastry, and fill the pie with mushrooms and other veg in creamy cheese sauce….really tasty but not exactly health food!


  10. Rabbit pie with a little belly pork in it or casserole pie using whatever was left from last nights casserole, followed by a thick rice pudding with a dollop of homemade jam. When money was really tight we would have a giant steamed suet pudding without sugar, half was served with veg and gravy and the rest with warm jam or custard.happy days.


  11. I am middle aged but still blessed with the task of feeding a houseful of children and a husband on a nightly basis. Tonight, being Friday and my “no cook” day, we had stomboli. Dough was made in the machine and teenager rolled it out and filled it with shopped meat and cheese. Sliced apple on the side.

    My crew would be more than happy to sit down to your dinner of steak pie. And a dessert? Very happy day. My 7 yo, who is a huge Dr. Who fan has asked for fish fingers and custard for his birthday. Could someone tell me if custard is what we Americans call pudding?


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