Shopping at the local jumble sale

 Hello Dear Reader,

I couldn’t be more excited! In fact,  today has been the best, most frugal, cheapest purchases of a whole family of quilts worth of fabric for £12! I’m still getting my head round how much I’ve got for my money, which is always after a bargain, but this is incredible. I’ll go through my jumble sale haul with you. Firstly, and above, Dearly Beloved, ably assisted by Bobby Dazzler, is holding up a huge length of wool dress making fabric. It’s says, on the lovely groovy 70’s label, pre-shrunk, so I will use it to back or edge quilts. It’s so fine and yet, so incredibly red, with a check that you can’t see in the photo. It’s un-used and has just been stored.

 The next is one 10″ wide and about 5″ long curtain, hand made with little stitches and make from Laura Ashley material, and the makers mark is still visible with the long since seen, ‘Made in England’ mark alongside. A beautiful, but kind of shabby chic blue and again, will make a wonderful quilt back with the large pattern.

 Another hand made curtain with a stunning retro floral design. I like modern fabric but love the feel of older, better made cotton. This will cut down brilliantly and make fantastic quilting blocks.

 Above, DB is holding up some brand new cotton checked fabric, almost a cotton lawn dress making fabric as it’s so light, it has a sheen to it and feels stunning. Again, new, unused fabric.

 Blue floral………..DB is holding a length of fabric and it’s folded double so you can see the size of it. Most of the fabric has obviously been stashed away dress making or curtain making fabric and maybe this is the chance for the owner to have a really good clear out.This too is new unused fabric.

 This is a huge length of Sanderson cotton fabric and it’s still as vibrant as the day it was printed. Even though it’s obviously for curtain making, it’s a light enough cotton to make a stunning quilt back, or even chair covers if I manage to find a small bedroom chair to reupholster. New – unused fabric.

 There’s more and more – here is a very dark blue small check gingham in a cotton, this will be fantastic for quilting. New- unused fabric.

 Oh, would you look at the utter grooviness of the paisley fine corderoy, it’s again, a dress making fabric but I think it will be wonderful for re-covering my foot stool when the time comes or making new covers for the cushions in the living room when the time comes to remake them. ‘New’ unused fabric.

 Here’s the total haul altogether. There is masses of fabric here! By the time the lady totalled what she wanted for this, I decided enough was enough and left the rest for everyone else. I will be a long time before I use all of this up.

Mostly ‘new’.

I was charged £1 for the larger pieces and 50p for the smaller and the local church was raising money and I was glad to give it to them. It’s cold and wet here today and I’m going to be found stoking the fire to dry the laundry, drinking big cups of tea and sorting out my fabric stash. I’m also going to get on with more of dad’s quilt.

Another fun and exciting day xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


32 thoughts on “Shopping at the local jumble sale

  1. Wonderful fabric haul – you lucky devil. I think you might find that the very vintage Laura Ashley (deffo. from the early 1970s) and the Sanderson fabrics could both fetch rather a lot of money on eBay.


  2. I am so excited for you. I would love to attend your class but thinking the airfare from the US would take the “frugal” out of the equation.
    Looking forward to many more quilt posts and you have inspired me to dig through my yarn stash.


  3. What a find! Nothing better than yards and yards of fabric. So many possibilities. They always say you can't take it with you when you die, but I am definitely going to take my fabric. But just to be safe, I better try to get it all stitched up while I am still here.


  4. Wow, whata fantastic haul.

    You could definitely make some good money on Ebay for some of those designs. Why not cut up what you need and then see what's left and see if it's worth listing them.

    A good haul for you and happy ladies at the Jumble sale no doubt, I do like to support a good cause.

    Sue xx


  5. Hi. Wow. I'm not into quilting (basically I can just about sew a button back on and darn socks) however I wanted to acknowledge this fabulous days work! Total bargains. Some gorgeous fabrics in there and even I can appreciate how excited you must be about it all.

    Well done!



  6. That's quite a haul. Bet you're really pleased. Looking forward to the outcome of of your 'quiltathon' next week. I usually work Saturdays, so jumble sales aren't for me – shame.


  7. What an amazing haul of fabric. I love some of the great ideas you have for it.

    The green paisley caught my eye – I is almost identical to the fabric I used to make a dress at Home Economics in Year 8 (1971)>

    I know you will have lots of fun with the fabric.


  8. Hi Froogs
    I'm with sue15cat there are several there that I would be VERY tempted to bid on Laura Ashley being one of them and the paisley another. Broke my heart when I had to off load most of my fabric stash when we moved as there was simply no where to store it.
    Have you ever thought of using some of the really scrappy bits to either cove buttons or make toggle buttons. Dead easy to do as is the loop to pop um through. Happy to show/explain if you want me to.Sadly just don't see jumbles in our neck of the woods anymore all car boot or charity shops oh well.
    all the best


  9. Wow , what a wonderful haul Froogs. I love the sanderson flowers…that would make amazing cushions . It's all great and has found a loving home :0)
    Jacquie x


  10. lovely fabrics, especially the sanderson, I bought some sanderson linen curtains on ebay for £14.99 last year and thought that was a good price!



  11. lovely fabrics, especially the sanderson, I bought some sanderson linen curtains on ebay for £14.99 last year and thought that was a good price!



  12. Hi rachel – churches and schools have table top sales and jumble sales, search plymstock churches and find their websites and plympton schools and look at the websites for news of fund raising events – however, it's a village thing, we see £50 at an event as a good fundraiser and do lots of little things


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