Hearts and Stars

 Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve had a lovely couple of days. Firstly, I would like to thank Purple Storm Witch for the lovely welcome I received in her delightful home yesterday. I have so often been overwhelmed with the kindness that total strangers have showered me with. I had a smashing few hours, some wonderful hospitality and huge bag of Country Life magazines to recycle my way. I walked through her door as a stranger and genuinely felt that I left as a friend.

Here is my open welcome to those of you who read, who may pass my way at some time. My door is welcome to you, there will always be a cake in the tin and the kettle is always on!.

Today, I was taken out by Foster Mummy to lunch at her community church cafe. It was fantastic, followed by an amble around the charity shops and then back to her house to watch ‘Derek’ and more tea and nattering. There truly is nothing more wonderful than that! (I have included the link to Channel 4 so people in the UK can watch this online. One minute I was laughing and then next tears rolled down my face. If he doesn’t win a BAFTA for that, there is no justice in the world).

This evening, I’ve been doing the last bits on my quilt. It had four appliqued hearts on it. They were facing sideways. I’ve unpicked them and will re-apply them in the right direction.

 The quilt is in the washing machine and it will dry over night in front of the stove. No surprise that I’ve already started making the next quilt. The next will be much better and I want to get it finished to show it at the Liskeard Show. If Kirstie Alsopp can do it, then I’m going to have a go! The next quilt is going to be for a single bed, in my spare room and in spring colours.

Thanks again, for the stars who made me so welcome over the last two days and to the warmth and hospitality of Purple storm witch and Foster Mummy. You brightened my days and I really appreciated the generosity. xxxx


6 thoughts on “Hearts and Stars

  1. The cafe is totally great isn't it. Somehow you can really feel His presence there.

    Definitely still up for the cooking. Will ask FM to pass on my number or the other way around.

    The quilt is looking fabulous, but I can't believe you are ready to move on to the next one so quickly. I would be worn out myself!!!

    Arwedd xx


  2. Quilt is beautiful and I love the one you are proposing making.

    You could really open a shop but I fear you would put more time in than you would be likely to charge.


  3. I do wish I could quilt – I do most other things, but can't seem to work out how to start – that must sound daft! Anyway, I just love your quilt and if you are ever Suffolk way, the door is open for a cuppa. xx


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