Quilt Festival

Another spring coloured star to add to my next quilt.

Hello Dear Reader,

Today, Dearly Beloved treated me to a day out, which he suffered admirably. We went to the South West Quilt Festival at the Westpoint Centre in Exeter. It’s actually a huge barn! Huge!!!! Full of quilts on display and predominantly a trade exhibition of quilting suppliers. I had a good time. I hoped to see some long arm quilting, but there weren’t any! I also hoped to see some affordable sewing machines which would be good for quilting but as I don’t have a kidney to sell and all the sewing machines were in the thousands, I was disappointed in that direction too.

It was an interesting crowd. A forceful mix of jogging bottoms and disability scooters mixed in with the great and the good of the W.I!!!! I tell you, DB and I were the youngest and sexiest there by a country mile. Nonetheless, the quilts on display made it for me. I bought three fat quarters! and if I was in the market for fabric, then it was very reasonably priced. It was basically a quilting shopping mall in an exhibition centre and all at give away prices. I’ll show you some of the quilts and this is just a fraction of those that were on show. The nicest part of the exhibition, is that they gave you cotton gloves so that you could handle the quilts and see what they looked like on the back as well as the front.

Here’s the quilts! Just a few that caught my eye and they are lovely xxx

Next week, the how to make this cushion, will be on this website……keep your eyes open for the free pattern.

All made with Liberty Fabrics

 The quilt above and the quilt below caught my attention because they were so simple.

Yep, that’s Froogs getting a closer look! I think I could manage that one. It was an hour’s drive away and DB and I chatted all the way and it was just lovely to be taken to something only I enjoy and have him make the most of it for my sake. We were there and back by lunch time and I won’t hesitate to go to an exhibition there again as it’s really quite close. Also, I didn’t expect the fabric and equipment to be so reasonably priced, even if I didn’t need anything. It was a really good experience.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


18 thoughts on “Quilt Festival

  1. Great photos – and so glad you enjoyed yourselves.
    The last sewing event I attended I felt Very Young too [and I admit to being securely Middle Aged]
    I am sure you got plenty of inspiration [for free] even if you didnt buy a fancy machine!
    blessings x


  2. I may not be a quilter, but I have a very soft spot for them. I love walking into quilting shops and admiring the finished products.

    I do actually have one quilt top that I sewed about 7 years ago…maybe I should finish it off…

    One day. I am in no rush!


  3. I think that shows the respect and love you hold for each other. You have really got the bug for quilting. There is a sewing machine place in North Norfolk and occasionally they sell, refurbished unwanted machines for between £50 and £80. Very simple but worth the money. Keep up the good work.


  4. Glad you enjoyed the show. Dont be conned into thinking you need an expensive fancy machine, you just need one that does a good straight stitch, a needle down facility is nice along with the ability to lower feed dogs and a darning foot and possibly a walking foot. All the rest are marketing tools and not at all necessary. There's probably absolutely nothing wrong with the machine you're using right now. The most important thing is loads and loads of practice – have fun with that


  5. Glad you had a good day, those quilts look lovely – I particularly like the bee fabric and the quilt in the picture above it is, I think, my favourite. I have never tried quilting but you're making my fingers itch with the desire to start cutting up fabric to make some of those pretty patterns. I do have a few quilts but I usually buy them at auction – my favourite one stunk to high heaven when I bought it (smelt like it had been stored in someone's shed for years) and took washing at least half a dozen times before I was happy with it – it cost me £3 (and probably another £30 in the electricity to wash it), but I like to think that I was honouring the skill and time of the person that made it originally – I guess that would be a great satisfaction in actually making a quilt, not just the process and the finished article, but knowing that you've created something that can be used and appreciated for generations to come, I suppose it's a little piece of immortality.

    Thanks Froogs.


  6. So pleased you enjoyed your frist quilt show so much, they are the place to buy stuff at reasonable prices. Shame about the machines, the place to see those is the Quilters Guild Show in Birmingham in August.


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