I love, you love, we all love Liskeard

Hello Dear Reader,

No need for me to add anything to this wonderful film. Here is the film made by Sally Hawken, a local lady leading the bid for funding to regenerate Liskeard. I know I live in a wonderful place and just wanted to share this with all of you xxxx

Until tomorrow

Love Froogs xxx


8 thoughts on “I love, you love, we all love Liskeard

  1. I got the Liskeard to Looe train the other day. That part of the station is soooo lovely!

    That's about all I've seen of Liskeard though. Maybe it's time for a visit!


  2. I love Liskeard. I really hope it wins the bid, it badly needs it. During my latest visit we went for a walk on Saturday afternoon, when it should have been at its busiest, and it looked desolate. It was really sad. That pedestrian high street with the arches at one end is so pretty.


  3. I just returned home from visiting my Mum in Cornwall (near Newquay), and after a trip to Trago Mills on Monday I suggested we go to Liskeard as I'd seen this post. It's a really pretty little town and we were most impressed by the number of charity shops which we love to browse around. I picked up some lovely shoes and clothes, and we had a coffee in one of the cafes.I would definitely pay another visit, it made a nice afternoon out for us, and my Mum said she would be recommending it to visitors who stay with her. I've been going to Cornwall for 22 years and had never thought to visit Liskeard. Good luck to Liskeard.


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