How little do we actually need?

 Hello Dear Reader,

A slow, sunny kind of day. We chopped and stacked wood. I chopped bags and bags of kindling, whilst Dearly Beloved spilt the larger logs.

 All of the laundry, even the backlog, has been washed and hung outside.

I then retreated to the summer house, feet up, some Louis de Berniere, a cup of tea and even a doze in the spring sunshine. No money spent, no where to go and just time to relax and enjoy what we have.

Some days, we need very little…………..days like today, we need nothing but each other, our home, our garden and the peace we share together.


Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


9 thoughts on “How little do we actually need?

  1. Snap. I have been chopping kindling today, two sacks and four big crates full and stacked some dry logs for later in the year. It's a good feeling isn't it, knowing you have heat supplies all stored away.


  2. Yes, we've had a similar day today, lovely warm sunshine, felt like summer.

    Supposed to be going to Silloth market and car boot, needed some eggs from the egg men, but Mrs back was playing up, so it became a day of grass-cutting, first cut this year, hard work, I got 3/4 of it done and gave up, a glass of home brew lager helped me to recover.

    A visit to Asda for eggs, last thing, final reductions produced 6 free-range eggs 10p, a 4 pint of blue top milk 10p, 500ml Greek natural yoghurt 10p and 4 bakery cheese scones 10p.
    I got lucky today.


  3. Even up here in Scotland it's been a beautiful day! Warm and sunny – and very productive in the garden. The children enjoyed their tea outdoors for the first time this year. No TV, no money spent on entertainment – just fresh air, running around, getting mucky and spending some quality family time. Simple pleasures!

    Best Wishes
    Frugal Wife


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