Pasty tax

Hello Dear Reader…………..well one in particular…………..wavy Dave!!!!!!

Now, I’m not for one moment suggesting that Wavy Dave is a regular reader, but if he had any sense, he would start listening to the people who pay his wages. Now I know posh bods like himself would never be seen dead, pasty in hand, in the office canteen, eating his lunch with the normal folk. He’s never likely to hitch up his overalls and head to Gregg’s for a hot savoury. Why would he…………….chef will sort it!

I would like anyone who cares to, to sign the ‘No VAT on the Cornish Pasty’ petition! CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO It’s being classed as hot takeaway food, just as fish and chips, or burger and chips and 20% VAT is being added to the cost!  It’s hot Dave…………you ninny, because you can’t eat it raw and it’s still warm from being baked! 

The last time a government imposed a daft tax that no one agreed with, a huge ‘fuss’ was made! In recent times, the Cornish pasty has been given the same status as Stilton cheese, or even Champagne. To be called a Cornish pasty, it must be made in Cornwall. This has helped secure local jobs and has boosted the local economy. Food costs do not include VAT but what next? 20% tax added to your hot crusty bread, will it be cheaper an hour later when it’s cooled down? This tax is just silly and certainly, a bunch of posh toffs who get someone else to cook lunch for them will never feel the impact of this!

Is this a frugal issue? I think so. Many people can still afford a freshly baked pasty for about £2 and it’s a meal in itself. This will now make Cornwall’s favourite food a lot more expensive!

On a lighter note, here’s Kernow King and his tribute the county’s favourite food!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


17 thoughts on “Pasty tax

  1. Signed. Don't get me started on the Government, tax this, get rid of that, blame people on benefits, when there are no jobs and try to send disabled people back to work. I shall not mention the way they treat the police forces and teachers. x


  2. Signed
    We come to Cornwall for our holiday in June and one of our treats is to sit on the beach and munch on a Pasty, everything about our holiday is FRUGAL and rises like this eat [pardon the pun] into what little we have, another money making exercise by this dreadful government!!


  3. Tip of the iceberg for this pathetic excuse of a government. Anyone who considers themselves working class who votes for this shower next time around seriously needs to have a word with themselves if they honestly think that buttock face and his chinless wonder cronies have their best interests anywhere near their stony hears. I will sign it, with pleasure.


  4. I wrote a long comment earlier but got a system error when I clicked to submit it GRRRRR!! It *might* come out I suppose when Froogs looks at her pending comments.

    Anyway in a nutshell I have signed it too and I am outraged at this shower of sh*t excuse of a government and the depths that they will sink to. Then you hear about them scrapping the 50p tax as well. Oh hear I go again….rant rant rant.

    Also I am coming to Cornwall in September and tax or no tax I will purchase a veggie pasty and do other bits to help the local economy.

    I hate this con-dem government so much.

    I have to stop now…rising blood pressure and all that…


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