Recycling it my way

Spot the dog?

 Hello Dear Reader,

The postman came early today, I don’t usually see him before I leave the house. Shagrat has sent me a box of shirts to recycle. Thanks so very much, these will be put to very good use. I can see a colour scheme of pink and orange in my next quilt as I’m making good progress on collecting and cutting. I think I’ll cut all of these up into 10″ squares; I have a different design in mind for my next quilt.

 I had some spare time in my day today so I had a root around three charity shops. I found some sheets for quilt backings, or sashing?

 I then found a lovely little sewing box……………I have something in mind for this………watch this space.

 It even has some thread and needles inside. It really is lovely.

I’m still relishing the time, being home by four every day, being able to get the supper ready in a leisurely manner and living a much simpler life xxx

I shall have fun tonight, cutting up shirts – thanks again Shagrat xxx

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


14 thoughts on “Recycling it my way

  1. Your quilts are lovely, as is that little sewing box, they are always handy to have by your side when you're hand sewing.

    How nice that Shagrat sent you all those shirts to use, Bloggers are a lovely lot 🙂

    Sue xx


  2. “Pooch looks a little high maintenance for a Frugal Queen! “

    What a strange comment to make.

    Pooch looks like a little treasure that would keep a frugal person sane!!

    Sue xx


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